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  1. Good grief, nobody here knows about Sketchup? There's a free version of it that does everything I ever needed. https://www.sketchup.com/products/sketchup-free I also use Inkscape for 2D and isometric drawings - excellent free drawing/design/illustration tool. https://inkscape.org/en/
  2. Hi rfkoen, yes, I did eventually post that tutorial. You can find it here: Cheers, Kate
  3. Oh yeah, forgot all about this thread. I may have posted these in some other thread - a quick search didn't turn anything up, so here they are:
  4. Hi Clark, That is exactly it, the second piece is a liner, and the wallet will function perfectly well without it. Kate
  5. Nothing wrong with it, I guess. It'll be interesting to see how it compares with the real thing. But the author is in for a disappointment if she thinks it will spare many livestock that are raised "for leather", since we don't generally raise livestock for leather. Guess we'd all have to find another hobby/profession if the human population were herbivores. Also ironic to note how there is getting to be so much on the market to substitute meat and leather products. Have you ever read the labels of what goes into a veggan meat substitute? The list of chemicals is kinda scary to me, yet this is considered by some a "healthier" diet, since the main ingredient is plant-based. How twisted is that? Interesting thought. What you're referring to requires human DNA to produce. It's definitely not plan-based, but I suppose we could do the same thing with DNA samples collected from animals without harming them.
  6. Hi Ron, The back half of the cover stitches to the back side of part 5, and the front snaps down to the front of the zipper pouch. Next time I make one, I'll shoot photos that show how the cover attaches. Kate
  7. I understand what you're saying, but that is not the case with Concrete5. It employs a very well thought-out architecture, which provides for overriding the core with your own custom code without actually touching any of the core source. I've done an assortment of customizations for it, and have yet to have one trashed by system upgrades. Same also with the theme system. I use it to build a lot of sites because most of my clients prefer to maintain their own content, and a cms makes it easy for them to work with the content without having to mess with the page layouts. For people not accustomed to working with html, css, scripting languages, or ftp, that can become very messy. There are also advantages for guys like you who are highly expert at all that stuff - you can spend less of your time doing content maintenance on your clients' sites and more time doing the really cool stuff. You should check it out. :-) Kate
  8. Hi Rob and others, sorry for the slow reply. I guess I'll make it official, since I've gotten numerous inquiries in the past couple of months. Thanks for your interest in having me do your site, but I've got enough work for the time being, and it's no fun for me or my clients when I get overbooked, so I'm not looking to add new clients at this time. I also recommend using Concrete5 for most sites. I prefer it over all the other major open source content management systems. Once you've got it tricked-out with a nice theme and add-ons, it's extremely easy for just about anyone to maintain the content. Kate
  9. Did you check with Deb and Royce? I think they did something like this for a press that Deb uses. Kate
  10. And Chris, thanks for the update. I love your burnishers, but I can wait. Your little girl cannot. You chose well. Kte
  11. Launching all the blessings I can send your way... so sorry to hear of your loss O. Kate
  12. That was hysterically funny, Mike. I had tears in my eyes by the time I got to the part about the shrieking. Thanks for helping us learn something at your expense, I'm sure the karma fairies will reward you richly. Kate
  13. Hello madwilson - welcome to LW! I have seen the metallic powders, but I'm guessing that "Tandy Coat" is no longer sold, since I'm pretty sure they don't have anything by that name nowadays. Someone may know what the closest equivilant is. But there are some very nice alternatives available these days, and ever since I discovered products like the "pearlized" colors from Createx and the iridescent line of acrylics from Daniel Smith, I've had no desire to look any further into experimenting with the metallic powders. Kate
  14. I love it. As I do all of your work. Kate
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