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  1. MerlinoD

    deutsch hooks

    Used recently by “Bitchen” for a front closure messenger bag.
  2. MerlinoD

    deutsch hooks

    Where can I find deutsch hooks and what is a good replacement?
  3. Where can I find 10-7 flat round double cap rivets?

  4. I recently purchased a HIGHLEAD YXP-18 skiving machine and proceeded to use a test piece. It skived the 4/5 oz leather for about 2 inches and then jammed stop. When I went to restart the unit after I removed the leather, everything was in reverse polarity. The bell blade was rotating backwards and the stone was moving from right to left away from the blade. HELP! Dennis ;-}
  5. Hi Gregg! I am from the Philly area and have been doing Leatherworking for a long time. I have exclusively hand sewn. I am now poised to make the leap of faith to a sewing machine.

    The sewing machine needs to be versatile from 1-2 oz credit card wallets to 8-9+ oz purses, clutches, handbags etc. I am presently working on tote designs and have completed a prototype hand sewn, ouch!

    What machines do you recommend and/or what’s a good time I can talk to you in Philly?

    1. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

      Gregg From Keystone Sewing

      Sure, call or email before you come to visit, and bring some sample and test materials and thread, whatever you have that you want to see sewn.  Thanks for asking.

      Keystone Sewing Machine Company, Inc.
      Gregg O'Neill
      833 North 2nd Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19123 USA
      Fax: 215/238.0270
      Hours: M ~ F 8:30 until 4:45 EST
  6. I'm originally a Philly boy and lived around the pretzel factory on Federal St., YO. I have been doing leather work for a long time and have become serious about it in the last three years. I have exhibited at some of the local juried Fine Art fairs. I like to specialized in some of the classic carving techniques and have been completing my projects by hand sewing. I would like to know if I could drop by with some examples of my work and If you could have any suggestions on brand and type of sewing machine that would help me when I ramp up productions to full show orders.

    Tandy just came out with their Craftool Pro Stitchmaster machine...too new and appears to have a limited thread selection. This will be a big investment and I want something that is versatile, dependable, and affordable +- $1700.

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