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  1. Landis 5 in 1 model 25. I never used it, it was an impulse buy. Excellent working condition. Can send more photos if you need Make me an offer.
  2. 12 Sq feet. Bought from hide house. Selling some hides I have no use for 20.00 plus shipping
  3. can someone post a photo on how to attach the clip on a chink. Sure would appreciate it. thanks
  4. buckaroogal


    2 sides gold deerskin grade 1. 10 sq ft each. 20.00 each plus shipping.
  5. Hi, this is darlene from dc leatherworks in barrington. We met sone time ago. did you find anyone yet?
  6. What model cowboy do you have?

  7. I work on lots of english riding boots. I have a claes patcher long arm with a small bobbin. The reason i use the small bobbin is that the end is smaller and allos to go in tighter area. with the smaller bobbin i can still sew a pair and a half of tall boot. (zippers) I started out with a singer and then an adler (always had problems and when im working on a 1,000dollar pair of boots it needs to be perfect. And finally spent the big bucks on a claes. Will never go out of timing. Has paid for itself no problem.
  8. cowboy brand post machine complete with table and motor. In northern illinois. Like new. Make offer
  9. I take a coat hanger run it up thru first then with the end bent put that thru the bottom hole of the leather and pull it thru.
  10. I have a saddle used in a drill team and the girls do some trick riding and need to hang off the rear strings. they do use beefier strings. Can you give my advise on drilling holes thru the skirts & tree? Does the hole need to be the same diameter as the width of the string? Will there be any concerns? if the tree is wooden or fiberglass? thanks.
  11. you can purchase it at abbey saddlery in england. they have a website.
  12. awhile back I remember someone mentioned a place to buy good hermann oak leather for making good cutting reins out of. I thought it was someone in texas. the old world hermann oak. Does anyone recall? thank you
  13. if the tear is such that it is not too gapping you can baseball stitch it together and it will keep it from running on. I offer it to my customers when they don't want to pay for a total seat replacement. attached is a photo of what it would look like.
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