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  1. Thanks everyone, I'll post the finished belt once.. or if I ever get that one finished, planned to make a cross draw holster for it aswell but haven't even started on that yet so we will see.
  2. Hello everyone, been awhile since I have posted anything so I thought I would share my gun belt I have been working on from time to time, Has some flaws and still needs lined but it works. Made it specifically for my Scofield. What you think?
  3. Just wondering if anyone has anything they use or thought about using other than leather when making/designing a concept. I find myself being way to protective of my leather and its hindering my creative side, to just be able to say screw it and make it, as we all know that when making a concept they don't always go to plan. Obviously needs to be much cheaper than leather to make it worth it as well, I know vinyl is quite a bit cheaper and I'm sure would work in some cases, but others when I need the rigidness of the leather that wont work I don't think. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks for the replies, I did go ahead and got the machines, Still need to wire in the line as I don't have 220 where I put it. The 12 k I have managed to do some stitching with just messing around with it, The 36 I have not put much time into just yet and have not got it threaded correctly to be able to play with it. I do plan to get a post bed machine and a 5 in one next. Found a couple different suppliers in my area however I found myself a bit lost when trying to decide what all supplies to get, I get lost on what nails to get, and what each one is for, I did order an old book to read and hope that helps but have not got around to reading it, My list of supplies to order are, nails, welt, cork filler, gemming, shanks, leather and rubber soles, glue, glue pot and brushes, and thread for my machines. The machines came with allot of extra things I was not expecting, the line came with lots and lots of sandpapers, and several cutters. Also received about 3 boxes of leather and rubber soles, about 5 boxes of nails, 5 boxes of women shoe heals, even got a set of taps for tap dancing shoes, I still have not gone through it all, but most of the soles are quite old and dry and I don't plan to use them for anything other than maybe some practice, even then they crack when stitching them. I am planning to put in a supply order soon, just not sure what all I should have on hand and really dont want to get to much or not enough of anything.
  5. The second to the left I have seen being used for the cut out of the insole of the shoe, to create a channel to sew your welt onto. at 16:50 of this video he uses it. Hope that helps.
  6. Ok so I been thinking for awhile and really want to get into shoe making/repair, have found a guy selling "Landis shoe finisher vacuum cabinet line. Landis No. 12 Model K outsole stitcher. Landis No. 36 Blake stitcher, two nailers, Shoe jack stand and assorted steel lasts and a heel press. Both the Model 12 and No. 36 were adjusted just a year ago" copied from seller. I'm wondering what some experienced people think of above machines, it would cost me 6k total to purchase and have them shipped to me, is that a good or bad deal? I understand it all depends on quality, so let's say for the sake of it that they all work. I'm more curious as to what I should know before purchasing, such as where to get parts, thread, new sanding components, are the machines known to have issues, and is that to much for all these machines, 1800 is shipping alone. Any advise is greatly appreciated!
  7. Not sure If I have ever posted these, but one is a custom tool holder and the other is my first ever holster, I have don't allot more and will post them later, but everything needs to be resized.
  8. I have not updated my little page in a while so Im just going to dump some pics of a few things I have made recently. First was a little pliers holster I guy wanted, He had one that was designed to be on his left, He wanted one for his right. Think that was my first time to ever basket weave. Next Is a little sheath Ill call it for lack of a better term, Customer wanted something he could toss into his glove box, got a little old glory tooled in, that was actually really hard to do for some reason haha. Next is a dog color and then a couple belts, followed by a few wallets I did for a fund raiser I went ahead and lasered on the t shirt logo for this year on two of them, turned out ok.
  9. Watched the YouTube vid you did last night, nice work for sure.
  10. Apologies I'm in southwest Kansas, no local leather dealers around that I am aware of. Although I think I'll give rockymountain leather a call and see what I can have done for me.
  11. Trying to find a place to buy super thin veg tan leather, needing it for super thin/light wallet, like what you would buy at wallmart 1/2 Oz more than likely. Can't seem to find anything that thin. I purchased the sk-4 skiver from tech sew and definitely have some learning to do on it so need to find pre thinned until I'm confident enough to make my own. This customer wants the check book style wallet lined as well so really trying to keep the bulk down on this the best I can.
  12. Hello again all! Just wondering if anyone has any decent recommendations on a cheaper sewing machine that will do basically what my techsew 5100 will not do, and that's the thinner leather, I need to be able to sew some super thin leather at times and the 5100 is to aggressive in my opinion for like 1-2 oz leather, I really only want to spend like 200 bucks if possible, but I'm wondering if like the singer 4411 would work, if anyone has experience with that kind of stuff would love to hear from you, I need to be able to sew like thin leather wallets, check book wallets, that kind of stuff, and not saying its not possible with the 5100 but I know the turn out would be better with a slightly less aggressive machine. Is a walking foot needed for that kind of stuff?
  13. Well those didn't turn out to bad.. I need to just do white letters on a fire shield. Basically the black would be white. But I need it to be bright. Just not much of a painter so want to stick with dye if possible.
  14. Ok, that's kinda how I thought the answers would be lol.. thank you
  15. Just like title says lol had anyone used white leather dye? If so do you have pics of it? Preferably on natural vegtan.
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