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  1. That hardware is super cool glad you could bring it new life again! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Email to erictgray@yandex.com... please... for images I put them in paint on pc and then hit resize and take percent number to 50% then save and they upload just fine
  3. Made this little doodle pad for an artist buddy of mine, Had planed to tool it and make it all fancy but I didn't because my tooling just needs work. I made the pages inside about 2 years ago and have just been holding on to them for that long, decided to use some scraps and whip him up something quick. Another one I wouldn't sell as it has to many imperfections but I think it will be good for him to use in everyday life and not worry about it getting destroyed.
  4. These are awesome, I have recently took a liking to shoes and boots, What all tools was needed to craft these?
  5. Pics and will you ship? also is the number 2570 or 2750?
  6. Thanks That was another idea flaw as it didn't hold the flap down as intended. But it was a fun feature.
  7. Ok that's what I was kind of assuming, But wasn't sure if I let it soak/dry for a few weeks if it could be the same, Again I just made this book to experiment with. I have never used oiled leather from tannery, Always used vegtan but after my little test I want to get to using oiled leather in things as it is much different .
  8. Thanks for the reply, So with that Is it possible to create oiled leather or is that only A process for the tannery? I ask because on the book, The lighter brown I dunked straight in oil and then have rubbed as much out as I could, But it did give me that floppy feel like an oil leather, the darker leather on that I stained first, then dunked it, didn't get the same result, which actually worked out ok, Just know it wasn't the right way to do it. But I like to experiment...
  9. This is a purse I made awhile back aswell, Made it for my wife, used a small tool to do all the scales, took awhile but did come out pretty cool. Design flaw was that the flap was cut to thin so the sides flaired out and could dump things, I had attempted a draw string on it that failed horribly so i removed them. Made it about two years ago and its still looking good.
  10. This is a saddle bag that I made for my Harley a while back so these pics show the dirt and junk I got on it because I did not seal this or anything, Design is actually super simple, I was proud of the stitching I did as its all hand stitched, Had a few mess ups but was actually happy with the results. Don't think I have the pattern any more which kind of sucks Cause I had allot of people ask to buy it when it was new. Anyway more to come.
  11. Hey guys Just going to Start a thread so I can post projects up and not have to create multiple threads, I'm Still new after dabbling in leather for about 4 years now, But Ill post Thing's I have done and let me know what you think. First is Just some tooling practice As I just dont do it enough, I also am trying to none traditional tooling (avoiding flowers and scroll work). This went left to right the first time I had tooled in well over two years to the next day to the day after that, The far right one didn't come out to bad, I was mostly trying to get better with my swivel cuts and I think I was able to make it look much cleaner. Any who Have a look.
  12. Ok so sorry if its been asked, Can you take Veg Tan leather and make it like an oiled leather, I know the answer is yes, but im curious how its done properly, Im still new to leather and recently made a drawing/sketch book, After it was done i didnt like how stiff it was, so I tore it apart and watched a few things, then dunked it in oil, Just used vegetable oil as Its just a book from scraps, and it worked pretty well actually, But now it seems like the oil will leak out forever. So any advise on proper ways to do that would be great. pics of below
  13. Thanks.. I need to post pics of my saddle bag still... Actually still need to dye it as well... I just used the last of my leather on a a sketch book I just started. What seams to be the best bang for my buck when it comes to leather.. Preferably vegtan but want to try some oil dyed leather soon as well. All tips appreciated.
  14. Hello everyone my name is Eric and I'm from Kansas' I recently started getting into leather work and have made a handful of items. I find it super relaxing and quite rewarding. Just wanted to say hi and share a few small items I have done and hope to get some feed back.. I have only done a little tooling and needless to say I have allot to learn. I have made several simple wallets a single saddlebag for my Harley a bag/purse for my wife and done some scrap practice tooling. Will try and post more pics soon. Let me know what you think thanks.
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