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  1. Thank you all for the help and sorry for the faulty link. Customer and I decided that he would be better off purchasing chaps rather than making custom, just more cost effective. I'll get to make a pair someday lol.
  2. Maybe of help actually, what weight/type of leather did you use? The style customer wants are, https://www.teammotorcycle.com/classic-biker-leather-chaps. I just literally don't know where to start on this one. I have road bikes most my life and never ran chaps so I don't have an inside on this one.
  3. Any one have any advise or videos or books, knowledge on making motorcycle chaps? Have a customer asking me to make a pair, that falls out of things I have made lol so any help would be great.
  4. Lol yes sir, Takes a little time to remember things then it becomes natural, everything has to have its place haha.. I guarantee I have tools hanging in no time though. Actually one of the things I still have to figure out is what to do with all my mechanic tools that I have that shop right now... running out of room fast lol
  5. As it sits is 36.5 inches, with casters should be about 38 inches. I have watched several videos and seen lots of great ideas that I will implement later on, Really I want this bench to be able to hold everything while I learn better methods, But want it to be able to hold bulk items like glues, snaps, buckles, rivets, hardware in general. My leather, I plan to build a cabinet style shelf and will roll my leather up around a rod so to speak and hang the rods horizontally, sides and such that is, smaller leather I'm not sure about just yet lol Lol it is fun! I was a mechanic for over 15 years and worked religiously out of drawers lol, that's probable why I am going towards this design actually, every thing has a place and I learn that place and it becomes fluid. However that does not mean I wont change it up someday. I plan to have the bench just as you said, with one side towards wall and three open sides, I was originally going to place it in the middle and 4 open sides but who knows, it will be on casters so I might change it lol. The top I got for it is more like an HDPE at about 1/4 inch thick, I went back to check what it actually is and it does not say, I still have it rolled up, should probably open it and look at it lol. Those are all good ideas for sure, I have two woodworking vises on one of my woodshop benches, they are extremely handy, not sure why I didn't think about incorporating one or so on this bench. Probably cause I'm Kinda rushing it as my sewing machine will be here tomorrow and really want this bench done so I can figure things out by early next week. And the top is white! lol I really wanted a black mat but did not want to spend 500 bucks on one, so I opted for this one.
  6. Think I'm going to go with this design, I will have both empty spots able to have adjustable shelves just did not picture them in, what you all think? Will I regret it?
  7. Very cool, this is on my list of things to make for show and custom orders, I want a few for myself aswell but you did a very nice Job!
  8. that's a really good idea! I was going for the hopes on not having to do that with the large bench lol, and may come to that if I cant make this large table work... I have been thinking of making it a bit smaller, however I have a 1300 sqft area I can use if I find leather more than just a hobby, So that again is why I kind of want to make a larger bench as it wont need to be rebuilt/ upgraded later. Plus I build cabinets for a living and I know it well lol. Just don't know what I want on this one. Normally people tell me what they want and I build it. I also want to make it crazy fancy with the trim and work that is not shown on the design as that's just the frosting when the main structure is done lol.
  9. No sir that big box is a garage door, right now, during remodel it will become bay windows. I like your idea of shelfs, however I have found they clutter things in the back, So sliding shelves are also a thought, this is a frameless design so it does not take up much more room doing it that way.
  10. Ok so you may have seen some of my other post that I am wanting to build a small leather workshop, I'm going into it as I did my woodshop and that is the workbench should be the center and focal point, of the shop, so that's what I am currently designing, I would love to hear input from anyone that has more experience, I don't want to regret building something that just wont flow, So I have attached some pics of what I think could be a basic layout, it is all correct dimensions lol , like I said its not a very large space, So I want to be able to store as much as possible in my center bench, Im just wondering with this design what would you put in it and where, I purposely did not add the drawers yet as that's my question what would you do with this empty shell, The center of the one side I want to be able to sit and do things so its going to be empty for my legs like a desk with a small drawer above the thighs for a random things I suppose but I will add holes for adjustable shelves in the event I never sit, either side of that I want drawers, I think, I was thinking to the left have all my sewing equipment as directly behind that will be the area I keep my sewing machine. On the far end I think I want to install a paper roll to quickly pull and layout over the worktop for staining and gluing, speaking of top the entire top 4x8 and will be topped with a cutting mat. all the red is just ideas for layout and nothing is permanent I only include it so you can get a feel to what My plans are as the bench is priority to me also it does not show it but that room is totally boxed in just didn't include the wall next to sewing area, Any ways I would love to hear thoughts for what you would do.
  11. I'm jumping in early for myself here cause I just got the shipping notification on my sewing machine, should be here friday, Ill post my setup once I figure that out lol!
  12. Right on, yeah the work bench I'm going to build is going to be like one giant cabinet/ toolbox, with a 4x8 cutting top for cutting and working on, I plan to put most tools and supply's under the table in drawers just like a giant tool box I suppose. I want stations in my shop if at possible, So I guess my question was more pointed at just the tooling station, Like your paint brush box, but if all the tools needed for tooling and carving could be in one rack and always accessible what all would be held in it other than bevellers and knives ect.... you all ever run into needing scissors or an exacto knife, tape, glue, lol I dunno anything else that might be just for that one station. I plan to have pens and pencils handy, I just want to build like one rack that holds it all, so its neat and I can memorize where things are and just grab and go and not have to open a drawer or very seldom if possible.
  13. My wood shop is finally coming back together, enough that I had a few tools ready and I really wanted to make something, I purchased a couple lathes about 4 days before I started tearing apart my wood shop and had not got much time on it, so I decided with to make a hand slicker, Made three as I needed some practice, almost had the third one just right and screwed up and flung it, so had to finish off the lathe but it came out ok anyway lol. Any ways pictures are dark for some reason, the first two are dark walnut and the third one is dark walnut and maple, I also threw in a pic of the crappy slicker I been using so I think these will be an upgrade, but who knows. Also just finished these with linseed oil, quick google said that don't hurt leather so I went for it. I did these while I was waiting on glue to dry for my carving/tooling rack that I am building, Ill post it when its finished as well. Story behind each version, first one I was like maybe a little more ergonomic handle would be nice, so I left the lip, second was like maybe a ribbed handle would be nice, third was screw it ill go with what I know. lol
  14. So I seen someone post earlier sometime a really cool, tooling/carving holder or tool box if you will, and I was thinking about making something that would work for me, However I only just started so I was wondering what the "ultimate" tooling/carving tool box would be able to hold, if you had to have everything you need handy, Im thinking just something that sits on the counter where you do your work and just has everything handy. I really ask so I can think about things to incorporate in mine that I'm sure I am not thinking of, basically can only thing of the "stamping" tools and knives, what else could have a spot that I am not thinking of?
  15. Ah that's actually a good idea, I did a little research and found a few company's that do custom boxes for shipping and even product boxes, not terribly priced depending on what you add to it, I want to keep it simple, however will add about 3 bucks to my minimal wallets for a "product" box per wallet, Guess that could go into the shipping and handling cost. I also had not even thought about bags for in person deals so that's also a good Idea, Thank you for the advise.
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