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  1. Thanks everyone, I've still got a huge amount of stuff to learn but it's very encouraging to receive those comments.
  2. This may or may not be of some use to you but all of the following are done with Le Prevo’s 1.8mm shoulder with the exception of the bifolds the outer is 1.8mm the inners are with le Prevo’s veg Tan Goat. All except one dyed with Feibings dyes
  3. Thanks, if I remember correctly that wallet was done with 3.85mm 4z pricking irons (7spi)
  4. Thanks, yes the wild deerskin is from a UK company A.A. Crack it is labelled as "Wild Deerskin - Rustic Tan 1.4 - 1.6mm but the piece I used for this is a little thicker at 1.8mm
  5. Hi Mark all my stuff is hand cut as I just do this as a hobby so I don't need a press and dies.
  6. Thanks, if I remember correctly this was done with my 4z pricking irons 3.85mm (put "4z pricking irons aliexpress" into google to find them) and .55mm Yue Fung waxed linen thread.
  7. A few of my recent projects. https://i.imgur.com/52mzmCW.jpg[/img
  8. Thanks the thread is dark brown Yue Fung waxed linen .55mm
  9. Thanks, I'd say it is a medium temper it's approx 1.8mm thick.
  10. I've been playing around with a new design for a passport wallet today so I tried it out with this rustic tan wild deerskin.
  11. Thanks, yes the dopp bag is African Kudu I bought it from aa crack in the UK.
  12. A small selection of some of my recent projects with African Kudu horween and wild deerskin.
  13. Thanks, that’s the natural finish of the kudu. It’s very soft so the turning was considerably easier than I thought it would be.
  14. I just did a search on YouTube for dopp bag and watched a couple of videos on there and made a pattern based on what I saw on there. One of the videos used a fabric lining so used that for ideas. https://youtu.be/uBR5VHiDeFc
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