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    Relaxing with a smooth sexy piece!! "of leather!!" LOL!!

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    small to medium pieces. belt's, wallet's ect.
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  1. next time give out popcorn!! i sat and checked it out and realized i would have enjoyed it more with popcorn!!!! beautiful!!
  2. Now! Your craftsmanship is "handmade" ! Congrats
  3. ofastauto


    Very nice! i don't belive i would like to see that seat used! great job! nice colors!!
  4. I have made one pair of shoes in my life!! I like yours!
  5. real creative. you might want to make your creations with card board "cereal box" then take apart when you get it just right. NOW you have a pattern and you can cut your leather and be sure to make any notes on the card board. you can always add or remove to the cardboard but not your leather!! keep on keeping on and have fun!!
  6. Real Nice! inspiring place ya got there!!
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