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  1. A work colleague bought a bunch of old tools and there were some leather work ones in the box. One mystery is the tool below; we don’t even know if it is for leatherwork but I thought I would give it a go here. The two pictures are self explanatory as to how it works. Looks to me like you insert it and then use the lever to expand the hole?
  2. Dunluce

    Work surface in small apartment

    I have the same problem. I went and got a sawn section of tree where they had been cutting in a local park. It’s about 40mm in diameter and 20mm deep. It wasn’t quite even but I stuck some bits of thick leather on the bottom to stabilise it and they also help absorb the blows and deaden sound. It’s a great punching surface and it was free. i don’t know where you are in London but I got mine at Hackney Marshes just the other side of the Olympic Park. If you walk along the path adjacent to the river Lea there are loads of cut logs, you should be able to find one that suits. A word or warning, try and take some thing to carry it in they are deceptively heavy (that’s what makes it a good surface). I took a sack barrow.
  3. Dunluce

    C.S. Osborne No. 86 splitter restoration

    Thanks JCUK, I will have a good look at them later. While I am on here, since you have had your machine an it is still performing well how do you sharpen your blade?
  4. Dunluce

    C.S. Osborne No. 86 splitter restoration

    When you say a lap skive do you mean a tapered skive like used when joining two leather strips together? The reason I ask is that I have been looking at getting one of these and I believe the 86a will do this. I don’t think I would need the extra two inch width the (substantially dearer) 84 offers
  5. Dunluce

    Black Mountains Leather Tools

    Well,decilhide that seems to clear up my original question. It’s good to see someone selling these tools in the UK. I have me eye on one or two things and will be in touch soon.
  6. Dunluce

    Wallet Making Question

    Why not use a small piece of your leather and trial a couple of different thread sizes to see which you like the look of best. Usually a #2 saddlers needle is used with larger sizes and a #4 with smaller
  7. Dunluce

    Black Mountains Leather Tools

    Hmmm, apologies if it was felt that I implied something. I didn’t mean to.
  8. Dunluce

    Black Mountains Leather Tools

    I would be surprised if they were fraudulent as the way I came across them was in the recent edition of 'Waxing the Thread' magazine and that they have an active Facebook site. That said the website does not fill me with confidence. Even if it is rebranded (quality) Chinese stuff I wouldn't mind as sometimes the cheaper price doesn't look so cheap once the import tax is added.
  9. I came across Black Mountains Leather recently. They have some nice looking tools and but I don’t know anything about them (the site is very sparse on words and descriptions). I am wondering if anyone out there have used them or any of their tools, particularly their pricking irons. You can find them at https://www.blackmountainsleather.com/
  10. I like it. The stitching is maybe a bit large but it suits the wallet
  11. Dunluce

    Wallet Templates

    Ian Atkinson (Leodis Leather) also does a simpler patttern than the folded edge one. It isa lot cheaper and has a few options for build. A a six slot bifold is one of these. It is well explained and has an accompanying video
  12. Dunluce

    Wallets layers?

    If you are determined to have 6 slots in a row how about doing it this way
  13. Dunluce

    Leathercraft Masterclass

    Phil, i tried on my laptop and iPad. It was better on the laptop but was still slow. On the iPad some page just failed to load at all.
  14. Dunluce

    Leathercraft Masterclass

    Philip, i htought I would have a look at your site and from what I see it looks interesting . Your free backstitch video was well explained . However I have found the site quite glitchy. Some pages takes ages to load and sometimes they only partially load then stop. I’m not criticising but just making you aware that it may put people off. I don’t know if anyone else had the same problem