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  1. Dunluce

    Alran Goat leather

    The leather was actually much cheaper than I was able to source it elsewhere
  2. Dunluce

    French goatskin supplier

    Jimi/bohusdzsi, See my recent post about obtaining goat leather from Alran in the ‘Leatherwork conversation’ forum
  3. I know previously there has been some discussion on this forum as to whether it is possible to order single or low quantities of skins from Alran; some were under the impression that it is only a bulk supplier. I contacted them recently and was able to order some skins off them quite easily. It really is lovely leather and great for wallets etc. If you contact Jerome at ventes@alran.fr he will help out and will send photos of available colours etc. Be aware it may be a few days before you get a reply. Not all lines are available and it is just for Europe. When asked him about availability he sent the following: My policy/firm commitment to serve Book-Binders/Makers/DIY communities-world has driven me to organise a stock service, 7 years ago. The stock service covers 4 lines of our leather, among the c. 300 we manufacture. They are: Goat SULLY Chevre liegée-main Chèvre liegée-main metal Chèvre Corysande Please note that stock service in Mazamet (Fr) works for shipments to entire Europe, including UK, For other countries like China, Japan, USA… we have distributors. You may be able to order from some other of the lines (I got some Caviar) but I think this may depend on what they are processing so you may have to wait for it.
  4. Dunluce

    Binocular case

    That was already on the case. The binoculars inside have Carl Zeus’s on them as well.
  5. Dunluce

    French goatskin supplier

    I recently used some Sully on a wallet and it burnished up just fine I am still in the process of trying to order from them but they have assured me (and it also says on the sample card they sent me) that there is no minimum order for Sully or Caviar.
  6. Dunluce

    Binocular case

    So, inspired by the Repair Shop ( my favourite show on television, I remembered there was an old binoculars case lying in pieces at my parents’ house. I removed the remains of the old thread (not easy), re-stitched it and cleaned it it up. There is a real sense of satisfaction about giving something a new lease of life.
  7. You are right. I was sure I had seem them on there before.These have rollers but look a similar shape https://www.artisanleather.co.uk/cast-nickel-plated-whole-roller-buckles.html
  8. You can get them at Abbey England
  9. Dunluce

    French goatskin supplier

    They are a French tannery specialising in goatskin. I have used their skins before and they are top quality however it seems to be hard to find shops dealing in their products here in the UK/EU. That’s why I thought I would contact them directly. I haven’t received the samples or prices yet but I cam let you know when I do. Look up Alran Leather in your search engine and you will find them.
  10. Dunluce

    French goatskin supplier

    I recently contacted Alran through their website and asked if it was possible to buy direct from them. I received a reply that afternoon and they are sending out some samples to me.
  11. Dunluce

    Vegetable Tanned Goatskin- Uses?

    I know this is an old thread but it was coming across the Hewit website that got me searching for goat leather uses and I ended up here. Have you used their leather for items like wallets? Have any recommendations on any of the different goat leathers they advertise?
  12. Dunluce

    Re-learning hand stitching

    I found this really helped me.
  13. Below are two wallets I recently made from Badallassi Pueblo. One yesterday and one about 6 weeks ago . Both are totally untreated. I love the way the older one has become glossy and has picked up a deep green lustre simply through day to day handling and use.
  14. Yes that’s pretty much how I did it except I only glued it to the ring. It doesn’t need to be stitched as you have solid 3 cm of adhesive the whole way around. As you say iit was very time consuming and labour intensive which makes it all the more galling that when I talked to the person I gave it to a couple of days later she had lost it. Talk about pi@@ed off!
  15. No the leather comes like that. It is Badalassi Pueblo. You can buy it at Rocky Mountain leather or AA Crack here in the UK. Not cheap but lovely to work with.