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  1. Excellent condition I’m just upgrading to a more heavy duty machine local pickup in Somersworth NH or buyer pays shipping asking 1600. motivated to sell as I’m purchasing another machine... now asking $1400
  2. Yes sir latigo, thank you for confirming that! And that is the exact one I have also i really should be asking for more money but like I said, 375 firm A STEAL!!! Such an awesome tool I hate to sell it but I can manage without it as my leatherwork is in a slow period due to work and can manage without it for a bit until I can repurchase one.
  3. So there are a couple of spots I showed in pics where At some point I guess some water droplets landed causing light surface rust spots but that is totally superficial and does not affect the quality of this tool. Here are some pics I finally had time to figure out THE PRICE IS $375 FIRM that is a steal especially since I plan on rebuying this so I am taking a loss for sure as I paid about 500 for it so, there is nothing suspicious about this post just a good deal because I’m in a financial bind that’s all. does anybody else usually ask A seller ( in any market setting) how much they originally paid? Just seems rude to me that’s all but FYI I am losing money in the long run here Not ripping anyone off. I do understand with no pics and no price listed originally questions would arise but I hope I’ve answered them here now thank you and hope to complete this sale PS BUYER PAYS FOR SHIPPING ALSO
  4. Ok I understand that more info needed here but I don’t know how to attach pictures
  5. I have pictures available if you can please send me your email I will email them to you
  6. Great machine and I don’t want to sell but just need the cash Best offer takes it
  7. No charge for pics, I just edited my post
  8. Roughly 8.5x11 size pieces of leather in huge variety of finishes, colors, and embossed styles of leather. There are also smal, med, large, and half hides that are 90% intact Oiled, waxed, patent, handbag varieties, almost any type of leather contact for pictures samples are $1.00 each and more for larger pieces

  9. Hi Amy,


     Not sure if you got this message already but if not here it is...

       Sorry to take so long to reply but im glad to share my opinion with you.


    First,  I have zero complaints about the artisan 335 B I love it and am so glad I got it.  I actually got the U-shape table but If you are considering  transporting the machine then You might want to just get the portable one.  After all,  although the tables are nice and decent, a table is a table.  Its probably better to have the portable one especially if  your already tight on space. 

    You are going to be able to sew ANYTHING once you add the 335B to your cobra.  I have even sewn just regular light fabric  on it.  I also requested the smooth leather foot to minimize marks on leather.  Let me know what you decide or if you have any other questions.  


    I live in NH and had mine shipped from Artisan in california so with the table it made for a huge delivery cost  (300)  but then again I was already spending almost 2k on it so it right?!

    I was so excited to get it, whats $300 more?!!

    Have a good day I think you will like the 335B



  10. I decided to buy the artisan 335b check it out http://www.artisansew.com/pdf/specs/335BBrochureSheet.pdf
  11. I agree with above comments , wiz and others know their stuff and wanted to add that I personally settled on the artisan 335b. It's just like the cb227r. I never hear too much about artisan seems like people lean more towards cowboy but I'm sure both machines are equally awesome and I can tell you Jerry from artisan is very nice and will always be willing to answer tech questions even on a Sunday while not working
  12. I have a 335b home table version and love it. Im curious Who else has one
  13. Looks great. I've been wanting to make a swing arm bag How does it attach to the bike frame ?
  14. Hi Glenn I haven't even used The extra table yet but here are a few sloppy pics of me holding it in place how it will fit Actually I'm not sure how to show my pics I can email them to you
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