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  1. Thanks!! Then I understand that it's no necessary a special leather and I can use my cowhide veg tan leather for the insoles, midsoles and welt. Thanks!!
  2. Thank you very much!! The most important doubt I have is if I can use cowhide veg tan leather (the same type I use for bags and briefcases but with the adequate oz for boots) for the insole and/or midsole and welt (outsole is gonna be of rubber) or if I have to use a different type of veg tan leather. It's driving me crazy ! Thanks!
  3. Hi I want to begin to make handwelted boots and I have some doubts. I will be pleased if someone could help me. I'm gonna use insole + welted + midsole + comando rubber sole. I use veg tan cowhide for bags, briefcases, etc, and I don't know if I can use the same leather (with other oz) for the insole, welted and midsole or if I have to buy some special leather for it. I'm doubting too if the leather I usually use it's ok for the stiffeners. Thank you very much!
  4. Kovant

    Wood bar?

    Thank you very much!!
  5. Hi I would like to know if someone knows if the bars of this handbag are made of wood or are they made of another material. I think that they are made of wood but I’m not sure because I guess wood bars could bent... Could someone help me? Thanks
  6. I would like to make another question, Gary. I’m gonna buy in abbeyengland dee rings, buckles and trigger hooks, all of them to use with the brass locks. I have a doubt: when I look at the pictures (buckles...) it looks like if the “colour” of the brass is not the same as the colour of the locks (more yellow, more orange...) Do you know if this is because of the way the photos were taken or is it that the “colour“ of the brass is really different? Thank you very much.
  7. Thank you very much. I would like to know how do you have to put the escutcheon (tool?) cos I’ve never used them. Thanks
  8. Hi I want to buy some locks (English round lock from abbeyengland) I think the locks come with escutcheons pins (if I’m wrong please let me know) and I want to know if someone knows some tool to put the escutcheons pins on the right way. Thanks
  9. Thanks, do you know any in Europe? Thanks
  10. Hi I’m looking for a support metal bar for briefcase, do you know where can I buy it or you make it yourself? If you make it yourself, can you make explain how? Thank you very much
  11. Hi Anyone has the Crimson pricking iron? What do you think about it? I was thinking to buy the blanchard ones but the Crimson looks nice. Maybe a little big holes? http://www.crimsonhides.com/craft-tools.html Thanks
  12. Thanks! I know it, and I do it, but I can't to hold the leather so the stitching line is not really good.
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