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  1. Some custom wallets I've had the pleasure of making for my friends.
  2. Tbslsatx

    Hello From Georgia

    Very nice work. Are you going to add more beveling or dye?
  3. Tbslsatx

    Hello From Georgia

    Is that going to be a cuff?
  4. Nice. Now I want to delete photos of my first holster. Awesome work.
  5. Tbslsatx

    Hello, from San Antonio

    New to this site and a few months into working with leather. I really enjoy making things with leather. I had watched a video on YouTube of someone making a leather skull ring and thought to myself, that would be cool to make. So, for Christmas, my boss bought me a starter kit from Tandy. Well, since then, I've been tooling away. I hope to learn as much as possible and share my thoughts with you on this forum. I never realized how fun it is to create things. Here are a few items I have made since December. Hope you enjoy. Please, critique my work. I would like to know what I did wrong and what I can do better.
  6. Tbslsatx

    Anyone know what this machine is

    A ringer of some kind?