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  1. I always use a 1/4 angle filigree blade, here where I'm at so far.
  2. Pushing past my comfort zone into my lesser used styles.
  3. Most rewarding pattern I've done in a long time.
  4. it is a whole new world!

  5. looks fine, well outlined, good communication, and once filled out should be very effective.
  6. Tim, I have always found dealing with Tippman staff one of the easiest to deal w/ and kinda think you are using Leatherworker as your bitching spot, grow up. Bob has Never shown anything genuine top notch customer service, to my face ,on the phone,or on the web. PS: I noticed you had you had question on you machine around the ninth of this month. (So I would guess you broke the part.)
  7. I am packed, and will be on the road by noon, There by dinner. -Keith
  8. Some of the work I have been doing.
  9. The new site looks awesome.

  10. here is a link for pics of the event http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2041907&id=1145091252&l=fb4052c77b
  11. Charlie I can't thank you enough for the weekend , Rick as always I enjoy the time you spend and thanks for coming by, Bob you know.., anyone who came by and had a laugh Thank you this was a weekend to remember we put the roit back in Detroit Tandy Leather Factory. -Keith
  12. Last night charlie got in, the original cover piece is in the store, the whole store is on sale, it does not get any better than this!
  13. Ok , by the numbers 24 hours from now charlie's plane lands,36 hours away the sale starts, 84 hours 3 classes from now it will all be over.
  14. I just got a poster sized version of the cover back from the printers and it looks great,3 days and then party time!!!!so frigging giddy.
  15. I gotta a look at the finial pic so I am sharing.
  16. Well I plan on being really busy,selling stuff, watching what I can of Charlie's class,if that is going on I think I might tax you a hot dog but otherwise I don't see any problems.
  17. This is really being understated, Charlie is a leather working madman, for thou who read LCSJ you would remember the wildlife patterns, IILG they did a contest on his first cover for the LCSJ, this is a DO NOT MISS class, he is not doing the shows yet (but I promise he will be.)And the sale I am doing will be one for the history books. Ask around I always keep my word, and I Promise NO ONE will ever say "it wasn't worth it" or "Wow, Keith really over hyped that"
  18. "That's all I use anymore" is the answer I got so my guess would be Yes.
  19. I got Charlie to come home a teach us about the new cover and I bet we can get him to sign a few!

  20. should be in friday night all day saturday off again sunday.
  21. Ok this is Detroit's 5th anniversary,no holds barred sale! that is on the front side, and back side is a class by Charlie Davenport . Friday we carve the unseen 2010 Tandy leather factory catalog,on Saturday we get instructed on the coloring.by the artist,Now this class has no price set YET, (there will be one). I expect this to fill very quickly space is limited to 10 ,( and 10 more bring your own chair and stone.) With no MIN. THIS WILL BE HAPPENING OCT. 16th and 17th.
  22. This topic is a BIG DEAL and looked at by everyone and noone has anything to say well I will WELCOME BACK GEORGE. This Kicks major ass, - Keith W. Oliver
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