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  1. ricroy

    Help! Ruined my project during stitching!

    It is a good idea to leave the bottom of the sheath with excess leather 1/4" or so out from the edge. this gives support and helps keep the sheath flat on the machine while sewing. Trim it after sewing . Then dress the edge of the sheath by sanding or how ever you need to. then do the burnishing process. Also you can groove a stitch line on bottom as on the top.. if you can install a thread lubricating an oil pot on the machine it will help sew through the leather. i just ordered one for my Cobra 4..
  2. I called Toledo Industrial sewing today and asked if they had a thread lubricating oil pot.. They do.. The Ferdco Pro 2000 has one that Mr. John Bianchi used in his western belt and holster making video set. That's how i know about an oil pot. I ordered one and am attaching it to my Cobra 4 machine.. This should help when sewing thick leather where the needle likes to stick.
  3. ricroy

    Leather Harmonica Belt...

    Thanks, yes, i saw a couple that go around the waist.. this is what i'm going to make...i have glazed calf skin and also veg tan , so i might do them like a pistol magazine .. i have to do a belt that'll hold 8 harmonicas...i need to make it look very nice as i'm being paid well for this.. we talked about a vest that holds them or a bandoleer , but that would be a future project..
  4. I've been looking at harmonica belts.. i have to make one for a friend.. i'm envisioning ideas so that it won't be like the others i've seen..has anyone on here made any .. it would be great to see them
  5. ricroy

    Motorcycle Seat Cover ..

    Thanks , this should help. the seat i'm going to do is for a road king, so this one is similar..
  6. I'm wanting to take my seat cover apart,, make patterns and make a new seat cover with leather... i have a sewing machine to do this.. do i sew it from the inside out then turn it right side out to install?
  7. ricroy

    Custom Guitar Strap

    Very nice..
  8. ricroy

    Strap Hole Size

    i have made straps with 6-7 oz. veg tan, punching a 3/8" hole with the slot about 3/4" long and of course the small hole at the end of the slot...didn't have any complaints... actually a 5/16" hole might be better...
  9. ricroy

    The best way to cut straps

    Thanks, Kevin at Springfield leather suggested using a different blade which protrudes a little through the wood. but it worked well and could adjust the blade up or down a little for more cutting ...
  10. ricroy

    First guitar strap

    very nice..
  11. ricroy

    Guitar strap installation methods?

    I just received an acrylic template from www.blackriverlaser.com it is for a 2 1/2" wide strap.. i'm going to pad it with some thin closed cell foam.. it will be a gift to my son.. ordered leather from www.hidehouse.com they have a wonderful catalog and it is full of beautiful leather..
  12. ricroy

    Lube Pot For Sewing Machine

    i have a cobra 4 machine and would like to add an lube pot to lubricate the bonded nylon... i saw one that weaver leather sells , but can't get it through them.. thought about trying to make one... John Bianchi had one on his Ferdco 2000 sewing machine in his holster making DVD...anyone know where i could find one...
  13. buckleguy.com might have it.. they have a lot of hardware and leather
  14. ricroy

    The best way to cut straps

    Springfield leather has a good video on using a strap cutter..but i was not good at using it..
  15. ricroy

    Briefcase finished this week

    That is gorgeous, a lot of attention and detail ..