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  1. hi are the brass buckles still available? pls email me shotypua@gmail.com
  2. Hi, does anyone know how to make this kind of stitch? Is this a box stitch? Thank you!
  3. I just purchased a 10 sq ft of cowhide. I noticed that it has a bad smell. Like it's been in storage for awhile. I didn't notice it when i was at the store. Anyway, how can i get rid of this smell? Thank you!
  4. nice work! I would like to ask what type of dye and finish did you use for this project? Thank you!
  5. thank you! for the hadle i had it replaced to a micarta scaled handle
  6. I made my first wet molded friction sheath! Im happy with it. But of course any advice and suggestions are always welcome! Thank you!
  7. Made a couple of things over the weekend... Hand dyed with Pro Dye! Way better than the alcohol based ones. I should have used this on all my projects. Any comments or suggestions are welcome! Thanks for looking!
  8. thank you all for the wonderful advice!
  9. I recently made this. I have been making small leather goods for a few months now. I just wanted to share this and to ask where i could buy nice pieces of glass beads. This are made from plastic
  10. Hi all! I just recently got my Resolene from another guy in this group. I was wondering if it has a expiration? Because the date was 2011 but never opened. I cut it 50/50. So my question is... Why did it do this to my dyed leather? I used Fiebings Leather Dye (USMC Black)
  11. Hi, i recently came across this product called dubbin graisse. so when i searched it, it says it had mink and seal oil. Now my question is, is it the same as Fiebing's Mink Oil? This stuff is expensive and the one from Fiebing's is more than half the price!
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