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  1. They are wet-formed. If I oiled them first I don't think the paint would stick.
  2. I make veg tan masks and paint them with Angelus leather paint. Occasionally I get a customer who asks how to treat the mask to keep it from drying out and cracking, etc. I don't know what to tell them. Is there a product that can penetrate the paint and keep the mask supple and extend the life of it? Thanks for any help.
  3. TomBanwell

    Machine for lightweight leather

    Thank you both. I owned a Juki many years ago, but it was too large for what I'm looking for now. I will look at the 1181N.
  4. I use a Cobra class 4 for sewing leather, but occasionally I need to sew a couple of layers of lambskin or deerskin. The Cobra doesn't like that thin a material. Can anyone suggest a sewing machine that is best for that thin a material? Should I be looking for a walking foot or not?
  5. TomBanwell

    Weaver Mighty Wonder 4 Ton Clicker and Press

    Clicker has now been sold.
  6. TomBanwell

    Weaver Mighty Wonder 4 Ton Clicker and Press

    I don't work with leather that heavy. I'd think you probably want a heavier clicker than the 4 ton. You might get it to work, but it wouldn't be easy.
  7. TomBanwell

    Weaver Mighty Wonder 4 Ton Clicker and Press

    I do. I've had a couple of inquiries but no one has bought it yet.
  8. TomBanwell

    Milled Veg Tan 5-6 oz

    Excellent, thank you Beson.
  9. TomBanwell

    Milled Veg Tan 5-6 oz

    Thanks, Mike.
  10. TomBanwell

    Milled Veg Tan 5-6 oz

    I'm looking for a source of 5-6 oz milled veg tan. Does anyone know who might sell it?
  11. I have a four ton clicker for sale. It is two years old and in next to new condition (see photos). When I bought it I wasn't sure it would do what I needed, but it has turned out to be very useful in my business. I use it for both clicking out leather and neoprene, and also embossing veg tan. Its worked out so well that I have purchased the larger 8 ton unit, mainly because the bed is quite a bit larger and I'll be able to do even more with it. Weaver sells these new for $1450. I"m asking $950 for mine. Local pick up only in Grass Valley, northern California. You can read more about this tool on Weaver's website
  12. TomBanwell

    Tips for working with horse hair?

    Nice mask, Tamara!
  13. TomBanwell

    Rhino mask

    It weighs 2.6 lb. The horns are hollow.
  14. TomBanwell

    Rhino mask

    Thanks! I've been making steampunk gas masks for awhile and wanted to try some animal masks with the same look.