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  1. I am fortunate in that I did a trade with Tony several years ago and am now the proud owner of one of his pilot helmets. Really top-notch work.
  2. I am located about one hour outside of Sacramento in the foothills of the Sierra. Sorry that I left that out.
  3. Just to be clear, I am selling the servo motor that came with the Juki, not the sewing machine.
  4. I have just purchased a Juki DU-1181-N industrial sewing machine from Meissner Sewing in Sacramento. I have replaced the servo motor that it came with and replaced it with another that I already had. I am offering it for sale for $100 plus freight. Brand new. FSM-550 Servo Motor, POW 550W, 110V. RPM 0-3300 See all three photos here: http://tombanwell.com/servo-motor
  5. They are wet-formed. If I oiled them first I don't think the paint would stick.
  6. I make veg tan masks and paint them with Angelus leather paint. Occasionally I get a customer who asks how to treat the mask to keep it from drying out and cracking, etc. I don't know what to tell them. Is there a product that can penetrate the paint and keep the mask supple and extend the life of it? Thanks for any help.
  7. Thank you both. I owned a Juki many years ago, but it was too large for what I'm looking for now. I will look at the 1181N.
  8. I use a Cobra class 4 for sewing leather, but occasionally I need to sew a couple of layers of lambskin or deerskin. The Cobra doesn't like that thin a material. Can anyone suggest a sewing machine that is best for that thin a material? Should I be looking for a walking foot or not?
  9. I don't work with leather that heavy. I'd think you probably want a heavier clicker than the 4 ton. You might get it to work, but it wouldn't be easy.
  10. I do. I've had a couple of inquiries but no one has bought it yet.
  11. I'm looking for a source of 5-6 oz milled veg tan. Does anyone know who might sell it?
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