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  1. I think I might have commented on your pics in the past but cant help mentioning again... your photos inspire me. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I have a nice 'pair' of Christiansen bulldogs for sale. These are the holy grail of lasting pliers. Contact me if interested.
  3. Thanks for sharing......... and making us jealous.
  4. http://www.irfanview.com/ one of the first things I put on any new pc and its free
  5. I agree... very nice work! I know next to nothing about carving/tooling but the construction and overall look of the belts seems to be high quality. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Can you check that link.... I'm not finding a website by that name. Did you mean thread-rite.com ?
  7. google lemonball and look for the etsy results Maybe he/she can make what you want.
  8. I like it. Been wanting to make one for myself... as soon as I get a nice camp axe. What weight was leather you used?
  9. Keep an eye on craigslist. Sometimes you can find a cheap machine just for the table. I ordered a table top from atlaslevy ... cheapest i could find with shipping. They also have legs and just about everything else you might need. https://atlaslevy.3dcartstores.com/
  10. I got some here a few years back.... http://www.macphersonleather.com/
  11. You can find quite a bit of info on the HCC website.... that is if you can figure your way around the completely archaic software it runs on. http://www.thehcc.org/cgi-bin/discus/discus.cgi or maybe this link works better - http://www.thehcc.org/discus/messages/4/1014.html
  12. jeeperaz


    I'm with you on that! Why support the competition.
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