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  1. I can't believe there aren't a heap of positive written comments. You did what I think is a really good job of work. The colors are spot on. This coming from a former breeder of these wonderful animals. Gerda is a beautiful animal. Keep up the good work. Stan
  2. My Two Cents worth. Small scraps can be made into earings. Use the many 3D stamps sold by Tandy for the outline. Then add bead(s) and ear wires. Maybe add some paint, as well. Leaves, feathers, etc. can be made from scrap leather and painted. I have given them as presents and people like them because they are unusual and light weight. Best of luck. Stan
  3. Regarding the tassels: They represent the old muzzle loading containers that held powder and a ball or shot. They were carried by "game keepers" or gun carriers for a "quick" second shot rather than measuring out powder, pouring it down the muzzle, and then loading some lead, either ball or shot. They were made from wood, leather or bone. Eventually paper was used as a wrapping and in place of a piece of cloth. At least it is one theory. Stan
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