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  1. A friend picked this machine up for a good price, does anyone happen to know what brand it is or clone type? Thanks!
  2. SamuelBrand

    Hardware help

    @Northmount so sorry....thank you very much. @Ragingstallion I will check them out, thank you.
  3. SamuelBrand

    Hardware help

    Looking for this hardware, its on a German WWII bag I have, the hardware is all aluminum I believe, sort of like sam brown buttons but with a much larger shoulder...they are riveted on with a washer. Thanks!
  4. SamuelBrand

    Trying to find this hardware

    I’m looking for some of this hardware, this is off of a German military bag from the WWII. All the riveted in buttons and then this sam brown type stud are aluminum, I don’t care so much about the aluminum as I do finding something this shape, it’s almost like some kind of shouldered rivet. Anyone know about these? Thank you!
  5. SamuelBrand

    Thread brand general questions....

    Thank you Gary, will check them out!
  6. Hello, New to the forum so thanks for the help! I recently purchased a juki lu1508 and have been trying to determine the best thread brand (bonded nylon). I have it set up for 138 top and bottom and thus far it has worked admirably, although the stitches are a little loose when turning corners. (Any thoughts on that issue are appreciated) I would also prefer to use the same brand across all my machines (artisan 3000, tacsew t111-55) does anyone recommend a specific type (techsew vs. superior, etc. m) thanks again for your collective wisdom. Cheers