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  1. Is the Adler still available? I am in Albuquerque, can pick up. What about the Singer 107? Sent a PM.
  2. Oh dear, Google. Who would have thought? Seriously, I have but google doesn't really tell you what the quality, feel and other characteristics are. I was hoping that you might have that answer for me, or at least point me in the right direction. Thanks
  3. I started making belts when I was 17, back in the late 60's. I started with just any old Tandy veg tan. At some point I found a leather, French Butt, that was lovely to work with and had a nice hand. It didn''t dry out and made beautiful belts. I have made belts off and on since, but three years ago started a small custom shop and I have yet to find a very nice quality veg tan leather like that French Butt. Does anyone else remember that or is there anything available today that might compare? Thanks for your help in advance. I live in New Mexico and local sources are few and far between.
  4. I am happy to pay a bit more for higher quality supplies and leathers. The quality is important to me as I want my customers to get a very nice quality product. You offer a nice variety of supplies, that is appreciated, but I have to agree with other comments about shipping costs. I am not complaining, but when the cost to ship adds so much to the order, the order gets scrapped. Thanks for being so responsive to customers....
  5. I purchased a Consew 206RB-5 last fall and just love it. It will sew through nearly a half inch of leather with relative ease. I am making bags, briefcases, belts and other things and it is perfect. I recently made a briefcase and stitched together a handle that consisted of a layer of harness leather, 10-12 oz, and two layers of 8-9 oz leather, the most I have put through this machine and it handled it well. My only issue is that I could really use a cylinder arm machine for bags to do interior flat stitches, but that will be my next machine. I did consider the Juki, but the Consew won.
  6. I have started up a leather shop in New Mexico and am at the point that I need to add my makers mark to my products. For many years I used veg tan leather predominantly and used a stamp. I am now making lots of bags using oil tan leather and others that don't take the same stamping. I am looking at spending up to $1,000 if necessary but would like to spend less. I am considering LWleatherworks and IronbridgeKorea. Are there others that I should consider as I would like to emboss my logo and do some customized initials and perhaps other shop logos. Any insight is appreciated. This forum seems quite helpful. Here are a few of the things I am doing these days.
  7. Wow, the detail is amazing. I learned a lot from your post as well. Very nice work, thanks for sharing.
  8. I am looking for some good quality veg tan in 8-9 oz and 9-10 oz for belt leather. Likely double butts are best with the least waste for belts. I do some light tooling, not the traditional western designs but add lacing or stitching but prefer a buttery textured leather than has a firm mellow texture. I haven't tried Horween or some of the others but I am guessing I will be doing so. I am looking for some options and opinions about what other folks are using and really appreciate the expertise of the folks here as I have been doing a bit of research and reading some of the threads here, you folks are amazing. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  9. I am starting up a shop from scratch and local suppliers are either non-existent or carry limited supplies. I saw a thread in the forum some time ago about a good source for bonded nylon thread. I recently purchased a Consew 206 RB-5 and love it. That said, I am looking for a variety of colors and sizes for various projects. I am making purses, dopp kits, wallets and belts. I am also searching for a source for goood quality belt leather. Eons ago I used to use what was called French Butt which was like butter to work with. Locally, my choices are Tandy and another supplier and the veg tan belt leather just doesn't do it for me. Recommendations anyone, all help is greatly appreciated.
  10. https://store-wkk4jhm.mybigcommerce.com/cart.php http://www.proedgeburnishers.com/burnisher-spools--sanding-drums.html These are what I used, there is a bit of wobble, nothing that is disturbing and setup cost less than $250.
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