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  1. Shipping to Sweden i guess is quite a bit?
  2. Long time ago, but always fun to mix a sealer and antique. I find that going over the piece with sealer 3 times or so worked best for me, then to build up the antique to the required tint without rubbing over the sealed parts too much. Overworking the area can cause tears and cause the colour to blend in under it.
  3. My guess is either it´s the tanning, or the leather was too dry when applying the sealer. Also, i never wait so long as to the next day if i seal a piece and colour it as well. For me, i wet the entire leather, let it dry enough to stamp, seal the stamped parts...let it dry an hour tops, then cover it all in antique and wipe it dry. Have never had an issue. Oh... did you stamp the patterns after you added the sealer or before?
  4. If i was to dye this, i´d use a dye like ROC, and add 1 part of the dye, then 4 or 5 parts water in a pump spray bottle. Then mix it properly and spray it all over, and control the patina and stains of the facehugger bit by bit. When done, i´d go over it with a satin sheen and then polish with a fat / wax. I only see stains like this as patina and a cool effect, so try working it in instead of out if possible =) Added an old piece i made years back, and i ended up with stains that i instead rubbed out and left in, then sealed it and it worked out fine for the job.
  5. Grihm

    Lace in EU

    When i hear lace i see this, and it´s also what i make myself. ( pic of the brown lace ) It seems you are more into this if im correct? ( Black bracelet ) Oh.. also...what´s the budget / Meter of lace? Just an approximation.
  6. Google for conchos, or etsy has them all basically. Leathercraft conchos | Etsy UK
  7. I have not done much in this myself yet, but cork fabric as an alternative i found was very nice. There are several versions you can get with beautiful patterns, and even colours and foil specs. Adding a link to Etsy where there are so much to choose from. Portuguese Cork Fabric Printed Pattern 68x50cm / | Etsy UK Tip: If you buy it, make sure it´s from an Eco friendly source that has a good system in harvesting and replanting etc. Also look if the seller already have strips made so you don´t have to cut it yourself, and if you are to cut it at home, ask what sort of knife or roller cutter you need that will make the best cuts. Cork is a bit odd to both cut and make holes in for stitching, so it´s a small learning curve to it i felt.
  8. Grihm

    Lace in EU

    What sort of lace are you looking for in specific? Thickness, colour and length.
  9. Yes i feel that would do a good job of most products. I will possibly order a seconf set as well, and in that i´l go 3.8 or so, but i feel it´s hard to know before you have the tools in hand you know =) Btw... their website was even cheaper to order from than etsy, so check them out if you wanna buy something. These are great stitching's indeed. I really must get more thread since i only use waxed linnen thread. They are not as easy to get in these perfect lines :p but i have always been a bit sold on the organic aspects in my material, but i will for sure look into it. Looking forward to hearing your experience of them. I feel i will make the purchase and try it out. It can´t get worse than my old rubbish ones i have today anyways haha. New end cutters is also needed so... oh crap this will be costly, but still fun and worth it =)
  10. What interested me with this machine is it´s size. My own one weighs at about...a lot. As i can remember, at least 100 pounds +. Anywho... What i find intriguing is portable size and the ease of lining up the brand. I will get my machine back next week or so, so i´l be posting pics and info about it and maby i can get some help in how to best line up what i have and perhaps not be needing another one. As for my stamps.. i had a few we ordered in Sweden, but the making of them was a bit less than optimal. They did good prints, but you had to " guess " the lining up part since they did not center it on the block they cut it from. I will be ordering new stamps for the future projects, and as for lettering, that´s another headache as well. For such, i have seen these soldering pens more or less you add letters to in a row and then press... but me i don´t do much lettering at all anyways... More interested in gold foiling books and details on smaller bags and hunting gear etc.
  11. KemovanCraft is now on my list of options to upgrade to. I have been using... well... one of those " starter kits " for 10 + years out of just no idea really..but now it´s time to step up. What i was drawn too now was that they had a set of stitching chisels, and not only 1 for 80 bucks or so. This kit seems a bit too good to be true haha.. but i think it´s well worth a try at least. Upgrade Version French Flat Pricking Iron Leathercraft | Etsy UK A 2-5-9 set for under 50 Euro... and i have never tried them. Now just to decide what sizes to get in terms of mm in between. Would 3 mm be too slim for lady purses and hunting gear, knife sheets etc?
  12. A bit of an update. I have been offered now a chance to buy a hot foil stamping machine, not even with my own money. Before i pull the trigger on a buy...i am still a bit confused about this machine, and also it´s origin. I cannot find a link now, but somewhere i know i saw " this machine " for around 600 - 800 Euros, but it had a different number on the front. Basically it was this machine in any other sense as i could see. Anyone else that might have any insight of it, and if not if someone know of an alternative. My needs * " Easy " to line up and straighten the stamp, preferably with some form of screw in or click in option. * Adjustable heat. * Something somewhat known brand or reliable if it breaks to get it fixed or parts. * Budget topping around 350 Euro, with some wiggle room.
  13. If you cannot center it, i´d go with a shorter rivets. Shorter rivets is less likely to distort as much, even if you are pressing in an angle.
  14. I have not tried these, but looking at a low end one myself. Here toy can read up on a few more models. https://workonleather.com/collections/stamping-machine Thing is, it´s probably a random chance tbh. My own antique ambosser is basically 80 kg of metal and a heat wire.. Not much that can break. These are a bit more flimsy...but i do actually think they may survive quite well. I would say, keep your prints to a lesser size, and you will probably manage. I´d say a max size of 5X5 cm or so.
  15. Appreciate the tip =) Will look into it. I already have one press, but i need another in my current coming workshop due to covid. The one i have weighs in at around 80 KG, so nothing to grab in a haste.
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