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    Leathercrafting and jewelry, cosplay and larps.

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    Embossing and coloration with silver and gold foil etc
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  1. Grihm

    Rein Rounder

    Hehe... yeah the taxes etc are not exactly a strawberry cake fest. If you look for something to trade for it, perhaps in way of tools or what not, let me know. Lot´s of expenses just now as new furniture etc became a priority, but il be sure to keep an eye out for this further ahead and if you still got it. Nice find =)
  2. Grihm

    Rein Rounder

    Saw these indeed and it´s far the most interesting so far. Might even make my own eventually but a vintage one would be wonderful. Quite costly though, but useful. None yet so still stuck with my plastic one :/
  3. Grihm

    Wallet Edges

    Thank you for making me aware. Did not know they made prongs that thin, but found images of it now. If he really stitches like that by hand, i salute the masterwork. Exquisite performance and such details. A detail like that will up the price, and it should.
  4. Grihm

    Wallet Edges

    Glad to help. That product changed everything about leathercrafting for me. Also used perfectly as hairgel at the Viking event at Birka
  5. Grihm

    Wallet Edges

    I use GoldQuality Laederfedt ( leatherfat ) but i suppose most call it wax.
  6. Grihm

    Wallet Edges

    That is without a doubt machine stitched. The edges can be done in several ways, but what i do is leather-fat and a round wood burnisher. Depending on how long you spend at it, the edges gets better and better.
  7. Grihm

    Rein Rounder

    Not for horses but for armors, bracers, corsets etc. Saving where you can is never wrong, and i appreciate all tips and ideas =) The plan is to become self sufficient in terms of all connected to the craft, even tanning. If the tool is affordable enough and i find a proper use often enough for it, i´l get it. Right now im in the research phase.
  8. Grihm

    Rein Rounder

    Sounds good, thank you. Will look in to it. It´s for armor and corsets. Also, some items that does not have eyelets inserted receives less stress and tear in the holes if it´s rounded.
  9. Grihm

    Rein Rounder

    Thank you. Yes you start to see that the more times go by. The better tools tend to cost a lot more, but for some of them it really is a noticeable difference. This one i have no experience with but i need to be able to make round reins so... out of options i guess =)
  10. Grihm

    Hi there, my first piece.

    Hi and great work there bud =) Considering the thickness of the leather, you really did a good job. For a case like that i would not go thicker than 2.5 and vegetable tanned none colored. That one you have takes quite the work so thumbs up for that =) If you want to add things to the great model you have already i would say try experimenting with beveling the edges, and if you want to make a more stiff foundation you can try to watershape it ( fleshside ) and then heatgun dry it. Try it first on small pieces, but when you get the hang of it you can make really sharp edges. Looking forward to more =)
  11. Grihm

    Chest-piece Armor

    Thank you =) In the tri-weave i added a soft copper paint and did a patina run on it to. Was supposed to be gold, but that would not have been fitting for the larp character. The belt is a separate piece and consists of a 10 cm wide base belt with tho 30 mm belts ontop, fastened with massive copper rivets so they wont fall off the base belt when you move. If you look at the side, there is a leather loop with a metal ring in it. That´s for snares or small game when hunting =) The time for this from scratch took about 40 hours give or take =) Making the armor plates and cutting them out and all that took about 8 hours so the rest is all with making the details and painting and adding patina etc..and the painstakingly handstitching of the leaf pieces on the shoulders. 7 mm thick leather basically so even with premade holes to stitch in, your fingers will die...many times over Aww..haha... thank you for that specialty compliment =) I´l be sure to fix more to add here soon and more armors as well =) Thank you kindly =) Haha... indeed. If you are too busy, i do take commissions One to do battle in and one for the fancy evening dinners Thank you and of course you should =) It´s incredible to make bigger items, and who does not need an armor
  12. Grihm

    Chest-piece Armor

    Will do =) Haha... Awesome =) I´l guide you through it ^^ Thank you kindly!
  13. Looks very well done and a great technique in the tooling and coloring. Keep it up and welcome =)
  14. Grihm

    Chest-piece Armor

    Thank you =) As soon as my wolfmask is done i´l post that one as well, and this winter it´s time for viking shoes among other things. Very kind of you to say so
  15. Grihm

    Leather Splitter

    Beautiful tool =) We used a similar in the shop some time ago but a modern version. You basically turn the screws to make the thickness you desire, you add the leather from the top and pull it through to thin it on the fleshside ( underside ) and tadaa.. thinner leather. That one looks like you turn the handle to feed the leather through though so this will probably make extremely thorough thickness all over the piece you feed through. Make sure the blades are kept razor sharp and i would recommend you get them sharpened by a professional knifesmith. Awesome find.