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  1. nicky, i am located in south texas, but if you are willing to work out a shipping arrangement, maybe i can help you out. please let me know what all you are wanting to get help with, pictures would be handy. i have a leather shop/repair shop and you can see the work i do on facebook under "cowboy cobbler and leather repair". i believe there are 2 pages called that, one is in montana, i am in texas. you can pm from there if you like to talk further.
  2. Looking for suppliers of leather suitable for making boot tops. I know there is a supply category, but figured this room would be easier to get an answer from the folks who know. if I need to move message boards, I will. Any help is appreciated in advance.
  3. Sorry so late to respond...I was buying sheets from Rogers shoe supply (formerly state leather) in San Antonio, but found some at southern for right about the same price....only problem was they charged me almost $30 for shipping from Dallas to corpus Christi....me thinks I will look at Landwerlen next time. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Searching everywhere for Goodyear neolite toplift sheet and cowboy heels at a reasonable price. I know they are out there, but I think most all I've found are on the high side (maybe I've been living under a rock the past year since I ordered last). Anybody have a "honey hole" for buying supplies? A few guys have the crown sheets for $76, I DON'T THINK SO, seems like I paid closer to $30 something a little over a year ago. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Thunter, Those are cool little machines, but I'm really looking for something a little more all in one...I think I would spend more time changing out attachments, I've already got a chopped down line finisher...having said that, what are you asking for it?
  6. ISO supreme 60 shoe finisher/sander. I know what they cost new to ship so obviously I don't want to pay that much if possible. Any help is appreciated.
  7. www.dhrss.com You may talk to them, they are the ones that really perfected the cable rig these days.....super nice and will tell you what can and can't be done.
  8. ISO supreme 60 shoe finisher/sander. I know what they cost new to ship so obviously I don't want to pay that much if possible. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Maybe I should elaborate...the standard roller measures 32mm,I am looking for the smaller diameter for tighter turns. Most feet that are available are the flip up type used on flat bed machines. I have seen replacement rollers, but they are still the larger 32mm size. I know there has to be some smaller out there somewhere. Does that adaptor work for those type feet?
  10. Looking for a small roller foot for techsew 810... I see the singer type roller feet all over the place. Is there a conversion or do I just need to look harder? Any help is appreciated.
  11. I'm down in South Texas,and will check that out...thanks
  12. Wondering if anybody knows where I can buy boot boxes to ship boots? Any help is much appreciated.
  13. I have done soles on a cobra before, before I got a curved needle and such....you can leave the outsole wide and use a right hand presser foot,only problem was the groove, but I have seen plenty of people that don't care about a groove. I just always figured it was right to lay the stitch in the groove and it also shows a little more pride IMHO. Thanks for the pics and the info.
  14. Thank you much....you didn't have to groove that previously, the attachment did it all?
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