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  1. Thanks! Absolutely! Or some use for older demos that can be torn apart and "repurposed".
  2. Thanks! I'm using 3.38mm for the irons. #92 thread for hand sewing (non-waxed). Amazon has some options as well as Sailrite (more cord-like).
  3. Illustrator is so handy for templates. Latest design demo from other day : )
  4. After switching to a finer #92 thread, I've started playing with these again. Not a bad beginning : ) Wickett & Craig tan bridle
  5. @Hardrada: Interior shots coming soon! @toxo: Not as much as you would think. Given the placement of the two Chicago Screws and weight of the leather, there isn't much much stress on the interior edge of the slot. It has very little room to move. If the keeper went under, I would need to add two more screws to protect the other side of the slot from stretching as well (if that makes sense). @Spyros: Brass definitely looks good (default option). I wanted a nickel version for myself : )
  6. Thanks! The inside is not lined; shows the nice factory finish from W&C.
  7. The flagship brief . A few small tweaks will be made for production items, but I'm very happy with it. Wickett & Craig bridle in English tan: Images ©2020 Roy Benjey
  8. Excellent. I guess it might be time to buy another stamp.
  9. Good to know, Mike. Thanks! The thread is the only imported component at the moment; the leather and hardware are manufactured in the USA.
  10. Hey all! I was reading through the info on qualified and non-qualified origin statements and I'm wondering whether or not an item made in the USA with domestic leather would qualify if German thread was being used. It's not really a major part of the product (to a point). To me, the major parts would be the leather and any functional hardware. This example from the FTC website has me curious. Thoughts/experience? "Example: A company produces propane barbecue grills at a plant in Nevada. The product’s major components include the gas valve, burner and aluminum housing, each of which is made in the U.S. The grill’s knobs and tubing are imported from Mexico. An unqualified Made in USA claim is not likely to be deceptive because the knobs and tubing make up a negligible portion of the product’s total manufacturing costs and are insignificant parts of the final product." https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/complying-made-usa-standard
  11. Product shot of a few 13" document portfolios. Just one main compartment and smaller flap pocket. I need to make a few changes, but I like how these have turned out so far : )
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