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  1. Roughly 20-22 sqft(maybe more) of Wickett And Craig Veg Tan. Started at 25 sqft, didn't use much, haven't had the time or interest for a while. 4-4.5 Ounces Utility Grade(middle), Pasted Flesh.150 shipped US OBO. Close to 8 feet at the widest http://i.imgur.com/i84NwgAl.jpg Over 3 feet at the tallest http://i.imgur.com/Aau8E01l.jpg I know I am not established here, but I have 100% seller feedback many other places and I will be more than happy to share with you.
  2. Had a facepalm moment just now. Looking at "Wild Bunch" holsters(Thanks Denster!), I saw a holster where the normal hammer loop went over the hammer AND the beavertail, allowing it to be carried cocked and locked. Problemo solved. Thanks!
  3. I don't shoot Wild Bunch, this is more of a "woods loafing" holster. That is definitely something to consider though. Thanks for the idea!
  4. I am getting a 1911 next week and its screaming for a Mexican Loop or Texas Jock Strap. I have mainly been making PC western leather for my 1851 Conversion so no retention strap needed there. My problem is, most Mexican Loops for 1911s I see have a big ol' retention strap, which for me really takes away from the graceful lines of the Mexican loop.I understand its there because the holster isn't as deep as it would be for a 7" Single Action but is there a way to more subtly retain it? I don't think a hammer loop would work. Any ideas? FWIW the 1911 is a 5"
  5. Ahh thank you. I had seen that awl a million times but I haven't seen diamond listed anywhere.
  6. I am having the hardest damn time finding a diamond awl(or harness makers awl, or saddle makers awl...tried googling all of them). I know tandy has the awl handle with 4 blades and it seems to have a diamond blade, but I am use to using my little scratch awl and would like to find a diamond awl that size. Any help?
  7. I will post some pics when I make a holster I feel is up to par with some of the stuff on here. Though I will say it turned out pretty nice...for a beginner I am not too worried about the blueing, its not a bbq gun.
  8. Would it be to much to put it in the oven THEN do the wax/neatsfoot(luckily I have both)? I have just heard that finishing the inside can collect dust and grime and mar the finish of the gun. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the welcome and speedy reply! Wont it shrink up without the gun inside the holster? How long would I leave it in there at 140f if the leather is about 8oz(if I remember correctly)? I was hoping to use beeswax considering I have a couple pounds lying around lol. What if I just brush a light coat on the outside of the holster? I know its not a good idea to do anything to the inside of the holster.
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