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  1. nushearman


    Thats amazing! I was watching Firefly only the other day... Love it!
  2. Hello All, I've started doing more shows and fairs and I always struggle with displaying my belts... I was wondering if anyone had any stands that they use and rely on... something that makes it easy for customers to select the items they can hang and look nice. All help welcome!! Thank you Nu
  3. Lovely thank you, I've got some molds made up and they seem to be working - I've not used the big one yet but we shall see - fingers crossed and all!! Thank you all for your help
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a little help wet moulding - I've got one mould thats turned out to be too deep and will need planing off but I'm looking now at making some more. Has anyone used MDF to make moulds in the past... has it worked? & does anyone have any hints, tips or pointers that I should know.. things that everyone wished that they knew before they embarked on the project but no one told them? I should state that at the moment I'm only looking to make bags and cases nothing more complicated than that, just some simple forms.... but I would like to know how to get consistant results and how to avoid getting marks on the leather when you're working with it. I've watched various you tube videos but they never answer all of your questions! Thank you for your help. Nu
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