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  1. Hi there, have you sold you skiver just yet?
  2. This is the kind of insight I was looking for! I really like the Cobra equipment that I've had the opportunity to use. What is the maintenance on a hydraulic unit? What are some things you've learned in the the 6 months you've been using it? Like the nuances of nematic to hydraulic. Emily
  3. Thanks Mike, I checked out the add. What is the base size of the flywheel clicker?
  4. Stephen, Thanks for your post! Hearing that you bought one recently gives me hope that I can find one without paying an arm and a leg. What brand did you purchase and what do you think about it? Emily
  5. My name is Emily, I've been working with finished leather since I was 14 years old. I now have my own shop and am growing my business with equipment. I am looking for a clicker, preferably hydraulic between 10 and 15 tons. #1 Would I be better off buying a new one or buying used? #2 What is your recommend brand? #3 If buying used, where should I begin looking? Thanks
  6. Hi Tigerlilyleather, I'm new to this page but have been working with leather for ten years and have to say the money I've spent on my Artisan 1797AB sewing machine has been well worth it. Take a moment to reflect on the amount of time you spend hand sewing. It's a considerable amount is it not? By investing in a machine you will finish orders more consistently and more quickly. Your time is valuable and a machine that allows you to do what you love in a more efficient way and provide you with the time to take on new and different business as well. The only way this machine won't pay for it's self is if you stop working altogether. It really is worth it. Emily
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