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    Anything I can learn from this website; I think it is great! Otherwise I have many interests, and have made different things over the years, although I consider myself a novice. I am interested in Holsters, knife sheaths, Tomahawk Sheaths, Bag tags, belts, etc.

    I'd like to learn how to carve and tool well, but basically I just stamp and make my own patterns for the things I make (usually from scratch or a picture I've come accross).

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    Holsters, Knife sheaths, patterns
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    Holsters, Sheaths, Pattern layout, Tooling
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    Just happened to find it.

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  1. Very Nice! I love the simplicity of your products. They go very well together. I wish I had the talent to carve like you are now. Kudos! Vikefan
  2. Harry Marinakis (The following vegetable dyes do not require a mordant: indigo, lac, walnut, woad.) 2. The following vegetable substrates are proven leather dyes, but generally they are not wash-fast or sun-fast: (WHAT DOES this mean? I dyed my leather, but when I wet it to mold, the dye color I had, washes off. Why is that? Vikefan
  3. Rahere, Thank you... I never thought my temperature was too low.. I will research some more. Thank you. Vikefan
  4. Yeah, I am not crazy about the main seam.. off stitches.. And I used off white thread... I have modified my pattern for this holster...
  5. New holster...and leather takes regular leather dyes well.
  6. Here's my interpretation of the Holster John Wayne wore in many of his westerns, and especially the one he wore in El Dorado. Please, take a look and let me know what you think.. I'm a bit dis-satisfied with the the way the stitching came out on the main seam. I had to re- profile the Strap across the front as on one picture you can see it was way too big (third Picture), so I cut it down top and bottom. I used stitching chisels and this is hand-stitched. Thank you
  7. Incredible! She should be proud of those, especially since her dad made them.. Beautiful work!
  8. I made some natural walnut dye a few years ago and have tried dying my veg tan leather (holster) with it, but when you wet it with water it just washes off. How can I keep the color I want from washing off when I wan to put stitch lines into the leather.. Please help... Vikefan
  9. JamesRiley I knew a James Riley.. Were you ever in the A.F in a Loadmaster capacity? Just curious..The name caught my attention. Kits, for good tools, I've not found myself. The more you do the more you learn about the tools you will need. Learn how to sharpen your tools and keep them in good shape. There are many YouTube vids out on leather tools, sharpening, and other info. Take Care and good Luck in your new hobby. Vikefan
  10. Weaver Leather sells them on their website. They even have a youtube video so you can hear the tone of each size bell. Yes, that is why I make them, so you can hear someone open or shut the door.
  11. Yes, they are! They are really good bells and have great tones.
  12. Just finished my second one of these... I did my first this past January.
  13. Vikefan

    Cue Case Build

    Very Nice indeed!!! Where did you get the inside of the case? I've got two old George Pool Cue cases myself and they have a plastic frame which is wrapped in leather. Great Work!!! Vikefan
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