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    Anything I can learn from this website; I think it is great! Otherwise I have many interests, and have made different things over the years, although I consider myself a novice. I am interested in Holsters, knife sheaths, Tomahawk Sheaths, Bag tags, belts, etc.

    I'd like to learn how to carve and tool well, but basically I just stamp and make my own patterns for the things I make (usually from scratch or a picture I've come accross).

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  1. I have made about 7 leather roll up tool rolls... You could put grommets in them and hang them for tool access, or lay them on your bench if you have ample room. Vikefan
  2. Vikefan

    Another Camping Stool

    I noticed the Oak.. Oak is my favorite wood! I don't have a lathe, but they have one on base I can have access to. Thank you for the information. Oh, I just remembered. How thick of leather are you using on the seat portion of your camp chairs? Looks like Saddle type leather in thickness. Vikefan
  3. Vikefan

    First sheath of this type

    I would like to make a suggestion. I noticed the metal belt clip on your sheath. I stopped making my sheaths with that belt clip, as I had an old Original Leatherman when I was working at a hospital, and I ended up loosing it 5-6 years ago, knife and all (no one was honest enough to turn it in). From that point on I made solid loops, so that the sheath can only slide on or off the belt and it is more secure. People are more likely to notice that, and it could save people from losing their items. Again, purely a suggestion. Vikefan
  4. Vikefan

    Another Camping Stool

    Is this a kit you can buy? I like that! Very nice job! Vikefan
  5. Vikefan

    Challenging Knife sheath Build

    The finish I used was Angeles Acrylic Finisher (SATIN). I gave it two coats. It has a good finish and it's not too shiny. Vikefan
  6. Vikefan

    Challenging Knife sheath Build

    Thank you for explaining them to me. That knife looks very cool! Awesome work!
  7. Vikefan

    First sheath of this type

    Great design and I love your stamping pattern on the front. That's an ingenious strap you came up with, quick release I'd think. Why did you use two different thread colors, just curious. Great Job! Vikefan
  8. Vikefan

    Challenging Knife sheath Build

    He sure did, and when I saw it I told him, on his next builds, he might want to thin the antlers down to make it easier on me. Ultimately it's up to him. Thank you for your responses to my post, your words were encouraging and kind. I believe that they are rivets, not corby screws (I don't believe I know what those are). Vikefan
  9. Vikefan

    Challenging Knife sheath Build

    Here is my most recent project I just finished yesterday, and I have two more just like it to build. This is and has been the most challenging knife sheath I have ever had to make. I am making these for my Chiropractor, who saw the Russel Green River Knife blanks I put handles on and had made sheath for. He is a moose hunter and bought three knife blanks and decided to put horn/antler handles on his. This was his first build and the handles are quite thick which was the main part of my design challenge. Here's what I came up with to try to secure the knife into the sheath for transport in a pack.. The knife blade right now fits very snug in the sheath without the draw string thong I added to the front. Please take a look at the pictures and feel free to offer any advise you may have. The antler is at least an inch thick or more on each side of the blade, and it is rough and not even to boot. Thank you, Vikefan
  10. Vikefan


    Awesome job on both Guitar covers! I'm a huge Elvis fan too! Vikefan
  11. My question is: Has anyone had any issues with the the more environmentally friendly tanning processes used today affecting the darkness of their vinegaroon reacting with their leather? Reason why I ask - see below. Yesterday I attempted to vinegaroon die a leather belt blank I had purchased from Tandy for a Dress Belt (Gift). I have not used, but had some old vinegaroon in the Garage in a seal container and still smelled of vinegar. Thank you, Vikefan
  12. Vikefan

    C.S. Osborne 84 splitter

    Good to know.. as I just contacted them today about the price of one. Maybe that one from Tandy isn't bad at all? Any thoughts about that? Thank you, Vikefan
  13. That's an awesome rig, you are an artist! How long you been doing this? Vikefan
  14. Thank you everyone... Wow... I guess I will hold off and have to investigate further. Since I don't have a machine I hand-stitch my holsters and Knife sheaths I make. Thanks again for all the good information. Vikefan
  15. Vikefan

    Tippmann Boss VS CB 3200

    eglideride I was thinking of getting myself a CB-3200 for light to medium work. How thick was that welt on that holster/project you show in your picture above? Thank you, Vikefan