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    Anything I can learn from this website; I think it is great! Otherwise I have many interests, and have made different things over the years, although I consider myself a novice. I am interested in Holsters, knife sheaths, Tomahawk Sheaths, Bag tags, belts, etc.

    I'd like to learn how to carve and tool well, but basically I just stamp and make my own patterns for the things I make (usually from scratch or a picture I've come accross).

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    Holsters, Sheaths, Pattern layout, Tooling
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  1. Vikefan

    C.S. Osborne 84 splitter

    Good to know.. as I just contacted them today about the price of one. Maybe that one from Tandy isn't bad at all? Any thoughts about that? Thank you, Vikefan
  2. That's an awesome rig, you are an artist! How long you been doing this? Vikefan
  3. Thank you everyone... Wow... I guess I will hold off and have to investigate further. Since I don't have a machine I hand-stitch my holsters and Knife sheaths I make. Thanks again for all the good information. Vikefan
  4. Vikefan

    Tippmann Boss VS CB 3200

    eglideride I was thinking of getting myself a CB-3200 for light to medium work. How thick was that welt on that holster/project you show in your picture above? Thank you, Vikefan
  5. Is there a machine that could sew holsters, knife sheaths and small thinner leather items like wallets, or would someone need two separate machines for that duty? I'm thinking welts as thick as 5/8" and thin as wallets with liners. Thanks, Vikefan
  6. I am trying to decide whether the "Duke" Holster pattern I worked on over the weekend is close or not. I would like to gather some responses on whether you think it is close or not? I posted a picture of the original being worn by the Duke himself. Thank you all, Vikefan
  7. Vikefan

    Sleigh bell door hangers

    Very nice! I was going to do some this year, but could not locate good bells soon enough. Great job!
  8. Looks great! Did you machine sew the holster or hand-stitch it? Awesome job!
  9. Awesome work and it looks great! I have a question. What stamp did you use. Kinda looks like a Barry King cresent shell stamp, but what size? Thank you, Vikefan
  10. Vikefan

    Tandy Craftool Pro Diamond Stitching Chisels

    Go to YouTube and look up stitching chisel vids. Nigel (from Armitage Leather, England) tries many different brands and does reviews on them. He puts holes in leather with them and hand-sews and show you the finished look you can get from them. Here's a link. I hope you find it helpful. Vikefan
  11. From what I can tell by looking at his holster, I too would be it had a toe plug. Many this style do!
  12. l love it! Well done!
  13. Vikefan

    Looking for leather tool roll for my stamps

    golferdw Here's that pattern. I don't recommend using the velcro to keep the roll closed. I use snaps or the ball/slot method (not sure what it's official name is called. Please see attached files. Leather Tool Roll part 1..pdf Leather Tool Roll part 2..pdf Leather Tool Roll part 3..pdf
  14. Vikefan

    Looking for leather tool roll for my stamps

    I have a pattern, came in a Tandy flier or Hidecrafter flyer years ago. I will have to find it an scan it and post it. Not sure when, as I'm in College again full-time. I am up, as I cannot sleep. I've made 5 of them so far, getting better each time. LOL. Vikefan
  15. Vikefan


    Now that is cool...Very good job!