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  1. Hello, I'm looking for black, heavy duty, d-rings that I'll be using on my agitation collars (working dogs). I can't have a weak a d-ring come apart during protection/agitation work in fear of having a dog end up going free and causing a major accident. I found these 2" Welded Anodized Black Steel D-Rings over at http://www.strapworks.com/Metal_D_Ring_Anodized_p/mdrblk.htm. They have no ratings on their product and I was wondering if anybody has any experience with them and their product(s). It shows their heavy wire for this product is around .26" and from looking at charts I think that's between a 2 and 3 gauge, but still no working load or breaking strength ratings. If anybody has any other solutions for 2" black heavy duty d-rings please help me out. I'm also looking for 2" black heavy duty single prong heel roller buckles to match as well.
  2. I'm never let down looking at anyone's leatherwork in here. These are some amazing holsters.
  3. Amazing design. I love how you thought out the 2 holes for a retention style bungee cord.
  4. Hi. My name is Giovanni, and I just randomly stumbled upon this website after watching Hank Strange's videos on Andrews leather and decided I wanted to get into leatherwork and surfing around on Google. I haven't actually gotten into it yet, but I plan on learning to make holsters, as well as K9 agitation harnesses/collars, and tracking harnesses,. I normally lurk around reading and taking in as much knowledge as I can and what really took me in was this thread: and the importance of even the smallest details in leatherwork. And yes, I am now a fan of hidepounder and his work. I haven't been around much else on this site so I'll be lurking around and posting here and there.
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