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  1. Thanks for this Uwe, By needle feed - do you mean the needle 'walks' as in a compound feed machine? I was told this machine is a compound feed walking foot - I will attempt to get hold of some better shots. I greatly appreciate your input. Regards, JBY
  2. Hi all, I am new to this forum and just started another discussion thread titled Adler 105 I have a query related to identifying the model and capability of a similar Adler 105 to the ones discussed here and have posted a few pictures of the machine. If anyone is able to help me out please take a look as it seems as though some of you know a bit about Adlers. Thanks, JBY
  3. Here are a few pics of an Adler 105 - not sure of the exact model. It is a compound feed walking foot with a shuttle…. I am looking for a machine capable of low volume, precision stitching on heavy boots, leather bags, belts and harness leather - most work will fall in the range of 3.5 - 10mm. I have heard varying reports from those in the industry and on some forums about how thick these machines can sew and would appreciate any testimony from anyone that can identify the model from these images, that has used this model or similar model machines or who would know what its basic capabilities are. Also an approximate year of manufacture. I am aware the machine needs a couple of parts related to the tension assembly though is otherwise in basically sound condition. I work on a range of machines aged from late 1800's to the mid 1950's so am not afraid of the older models….. Your experiences will be valuable for me to determine if this machine may be suitable. Thanks and regards, JBY
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