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  1. Ended up bending 1/8 inch brass rod for the keeper. Found and repurposed an old brass buckle from a local saddle shop. Improvised lambs wool shoulder pad. The leather is softening up where it is folded. I learned many things: planning out small details before putting in first stitch is my biggest take away, though every problem I had resulted in a new skill and understanding of leather working.
  2. Kiwikan, hello, this is hand stitched with a saddle stitch. Not as difficult as it looks. I pre-punched the leather and sewed the shape took over. I have learned to punch holes about 3/16 of an inch from edge to have solid seam. Here's a pic of the bottom.
  3. Thank you Tugadude. I like the quality and dimensions of these grommets; though I just checked the thickness of the edge and see where "economy" sides offer challenges with thickness variation. I could sew reinforcing patches to accommodate the tube length. Hardware Elf sells a duffle bag keeper that I could use and paint if necessary.
  4. I have stitched myself into a corner. I am super new and this is my first time at a large project. I am making a top loading duffel bag out of 2/3 ounce veg tan leather. I am unable to find hardwareto make the closure with grommets and a duffel keeper. The only duffel keeper I have found on the market is powder coated black. All current hardware is brass. I have not found a 1 inch inner diameter grommet in brass online. Nor do I know how to fabricate or purchase the keeper that the grommets would sit on top of and the strap with class onto for final closure. Looking for options to manage this problem. I am open to other ways of closing the top of the bag. here are some pics for what it's worth
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