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  1. Interesting set up. I was wondering if for the wiring of the two motors, you have them on independent plugs or have both operating off a single plug/controller.
  2. Thanks. Yes, I figured there would be an issue of tilt since most of the weight is towards the back of the clicker. What exactly do you mean by a guiding line to keep the tilt in check? Do you mean something simply to visually monitor the balance as it is lifted or a supplemental physical line of support of some sort?
  3. Thanks for the reply and insight. I'd be a little reluctant to lift the clicker from below since I don't see much clearance on my model and the forklift operator (not me) doesn't have the experience with a top-heavy item like this. So you've used a sling under head of the clicker? Might be a little more challenging to attach sling to forks. Most of these for-hire forklift operators don't like to get too creative. Would there be a benefit to using a sling as opposed to screwing the head directly down onto the forks? Can you think of any risk of doing this way? Thanks!
  4. I have a FIPI brand hydraulic clicker (which weighs approximately 2000 lbs) that I am looking to lift off the ground in order to place a pallet under it for transport. I was planning to use a forklift for this job but was curious if anyone has experience in this arena. There aren't any areas on the clicker that can support the forks except under the swinging head of the machine, which I can screw down tight over the forks. I'm just worried that the head may not support the full weight of the machine. Any thoughts?
  5. Truly beautiful work and thank you for generously sharing your technique. May I ask where you source those beautiful polished snaps?
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