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  1. Thank you Handstitched, The wife chose it , I back it with blue chap suede and in side is canvas , other than helping scout learn over the years it feels good to do it again, its hard putting your self out to judged and I am my worst critic, when there are such great craftsman on the site, I was able to go to Presott to the show for the first time as they didn't have show years ago , the wife saw one by Bob Park and could not get it out of her head thanks again for the feed back
  2. I have been looking at the site for some time and my kids have pushed me to get back into leather work. This is the first project in 40 years that I have completed. Still a little rusty, look forward to hearing from you. I've learned a lot of good tips from the website. Thanks for all the good information and it's neat to see the support you give each other.
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