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  1. Thanks Studio-N, I've got some super sheen, I'll try that, again thanks for the advice. Neugi
  2. I do Cowboy Action Shooting and I made a pair of suspenders and a shoulder harness, used Eco-Flo Hi Lite stain on them. During a very hot match today with a lot of sweat the stain ran and ruined my shirt. I there some type of sealer I can use to stop this or do I need to use a different stain/dye? Thanks Neugi
  3. Again, thanks to all for the advice, you've saved me from wasting hard earned money. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of machine I need/want. I don't take on a lot of projects right now because I'm really getting tired of hand stitching. I started this hobby about a year ago by making a gun belt and pair of holsters for myself for Cowboy Action Shooting, others saw them and the "I want one" or "can you make me a " started. I've stuck to small projects so far but without even advertising I gotten requests for everything under the sun, so I'll keep my nose in this forum and try to figure out what I need. I'm leaning towards a "Boss" because I don't plan on going into high production of anything and this machine seems to be able to stitch thin to thick. Opinions on that thought would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. Neugi
  4. I posted a thread before asking about a machine I'd run accross and got some great advice,so here goes again. I've come across a Singer 153K101 for $700 and would appreciate some more advice. Here's the ad on Craigslist http://houston.craigslist.org/for/5561788599.html My main interest is in making western style belts and holsters (cowboy action shooting) and many of the holsters have welts so I need to sew some thick leather at times. I tried to do some research on this machine but could not find all the answers I need. Will this sew thicker leather, 1/4"-3/8" ? Is it a walking foot model and is a walking foot model neccesary? Is this a fair price and are parts available? Thanks in advance, Neugi
  5. Thanks to all for your responses and advice, I think I'l pass on this one as I'm realizing I don't know enough yet to make a choice, I want to do some holsters and I can see now how hard that would be on a flatbed. Thanks again, I'll keep reading the forum and wait until I have a better idea of what will fit my needs. Thanks again, Neugi
  6. I am fairly new to leatherwork and looking at sewing machines, I have run across a Pfaff 145c walking foot with servo motor and table at a local dealer fo $800. I have tried to do some research on this machine but would like to get some opinions from those who know. I am interested mostly in belts and holsters, have made some bags/purses for friends and relatives and I'm really tired of hand stitching. My question is this machine able to sew thicker material like belts and is this a fair price? Thanks, Neugi
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