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  1. mikesh

    tree fit question

    Thanks everyone, I was originally thinking of a very limited situation where a slight deviation from the norm might be helpful. Question asked and answered, thanks. Also, when Bruce posted there had been previous threads on this, I was able to figure out what I did wrong on my previous search on the subject, so I got a two-fer. Mike
  2. mikesh

    tree fit question

    Ron Build a few saddles before I try to be innovative? As Bruce said, there have been previous threads on this subject, so I'm not the first person to think about this. I have built "a few saddles" but I don't care if it's someones 1st or 100th, I like people who think about things, ask questions, and have open minds.
  3. mikesh

    tree fit question

    Thanks Bruce, I always look around at the old posts and usually find an answer but I missed that thread. I find that when I have a question 95% of the time it has already been asked. What got me thinking about this was seeing these horses collected and often it looks like the back of the saddle is lifting off the horses back. Thanks everyone, Mike
  4. mikesh

    tree fit question

    Saddle Bags I reread my post and see how it sounds like he's trying to make do, but he has at least 6 saddles I can think of off the top of my head and I'm sure there are a couple more I've forgotten. What I'm thinking about is if the tree is bridging, then when we have someone who teaches their horse collection, when the horse rounds his back up, isn't he going to fill the area that is bridging and end up with the bars fitting. It seems to me if the saddle fits when he's relaxed, as soon as he collects himself you are going to lift the center of the bars and have the ends not making contact. Hopefully this explains what I'm thinking better than my first post, so what does everyone think
  5. mikesh

    tree fit question

    I'm about to make a saddle for a cowhorse trainer and I would like to get peoples opinion on fit. He usually has 25+ horses in training and I would like to fit as many as possible. He spends alot of time getting the horses collected, rounding up their backs, ect so these horses have well developed strong backs. So, in order to fit as many as posible, regarding the rock of the bars, I'm leaning towards fitting the straighter backed horses so the ones where the fit is off will have a gap in the middle or the bars rather than rocking up at the ends. My thinking is when these horses are being ridden and they collect themselves they will round into that space. So, I'd like to get other peoples thoughts on this, thanks, Mike
  6. mikesh

    8 string saddle

    Thanks, everyone. I don't have a scale at home and haven't taken it anywhere to weigh it yet, but I'll let you know when I do. Mike
  7. mikesh

    8 string saddle

    Thanks everyone, trying the pencil roll was scary, I glued up a piece about the same thickness and practiced alot before trying, but still had a few stitches that didn't come out as nice as wanted.
  8. Just finished a saddle for my wife. Tried to make it as lightweight as possible, cut down skirts, fenders, ect. Also my first try at a inlayed seat, pencil roll on cantle, and antiquing, so tell me what you think. Thanks, Mike
  9. mikesh

    Double K skirting

    Has anyone used the skirting sold by Double K leather and what did you think of it? I built a saddle with it a couple years ago, and have rode in it about 10 hrs a week since. It seems to be holding up good, but I know that's not much of a test, so I would like to hear what others think. Thanks. Mike