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  1. Really nice looking work! Did you apply any kind of finish to it?
  2. Bob, thank you for answering my questions! I appreciate it. Was browsing your work on etsy and really like your style.
  3. Somehow I am very intrigued by this nifty idea. Thanks for sharing the patterns. I might have to try that.
  4. I was wondering if the pigskin is thick enough for wallet interior pockets. I have some. Does it seem to work?
  5. That is beautiful! It's inspiring. I have tried to figure out how a leather cover should work, does it have inside layers that the cover of the note book slides into? Did you use a resisting finish to keep the leather so light after antiquing? Now I am also wondering what leather you used to start with because it seems most leathers, at least the more high quality ones, are much darker tan, but I'd love to know where you can get light leather like that.
  6. I recently made a mix of neatsfoot oil and beeswax, as Dwight mentioned, it seems to make leather very water resistant, but needs to be warmed to soak in all the way. Otherwise it will be sticky. I started with just a little beeswax but be warned it is very overpowering to the neatsfoot oil. I kept having to add more oil to make it less waxy. I think it darkens leather some. But seems to be a good finish.
  7. I do like that design on the front. Looks very sharp. That's a pretty good picture of a caribou too.
  8. The tooling and color/finish are beautiful! What color and finish did you use?
  9. Thanks to all for good answers to my questions. The thread comparison chart in the other thread was very helpful. After the mention of Barbours linen thread I searched and located this thread about sources where you can buy thread. Otherwise I might have asked
  10. Sometimes people choose to make an item out of veg-tanned leather and not finish it so that it develops a natural patina, or darkens with light or handling. What if I wanted the opposite, and to do something to keep a veg-tanned leather item from changing so that it retains it's original light color. Is there a type of finish I could put on it to keep it from changing or darkening? Thanks a lot for any suggestions! Nick
  11. Good thoughtful design. I like the leather you used, is it oily leather?
  12. I asked SLC about the thread and they said it was equivalent to 6 cord linen thread. I don't know a lot about thread sizes but I think that means it's pretty thick.
  13. That looks really nice! More than a good fix to the problem.
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