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  1. RockyAussie, no it isn't set up like that. "Some modifications" is a big understatement. I'll put a picture here later but the biggest differences are as follows: I do not have that thing that attaches to the black wheel. That plastic thing with the red light I do not have that big thing mounted at the bottom of the motor. The thing with the knobs, dials, and labelled plugs My machine is off-white Here's a more accurate Google image Still looking for the manual on this thing. Would it be safe to play around with this machine to figure it out? Anything I should avoid specifically?
  2. Thanks for the heads up RockyAussie, I appreciate the advice. The Seiko CW-8B is here now though. They even gave a demonstration of the machine and I am (currently) happy with its capabilities. I just can't seem to get the hang of it though and if the machine hadn't been demonstrated for me, I'd probably think I threw out my money. Here's a video of the Seiko: Except for some modifications, that's what I have right now. Now all I need is to find the manual for this. I currently don't know how to get it to run as slowly as they did.
  3. Relevant: I looked up Seiko CW-8B prices and found that 2nd hand ones go for $1200 over there in the west. This surprised me for a moment till I remembered that Seiko has always been cheaper here since Japan is in close proximity. e.g. I paid $100 for this Seiko watch Also, parts for the Seiko will probably be easier to find. Looks likely I'm getting Seiko CW-8B binding machine
  4. Update: The shopkeep got back to me. Here are the models Pfaff 337 Seiko CW-8B Thanks for the advice mikesc. Also, I think I've seen you in a different site? Do you frequent Dave Barrack's webcomic? Anyways, I'll speak with the shopkeep about spare parts. If he's got some in stock. The Pfaff is more appealing to me thanks to it being $200 cheaper but I don't mind getting the Seiko if it is a better machine overall that'll last longer. I'll be buying the machine later within the day. Update: I can't seem to find much info on the Pfaff 337. Google shows this though. I'll keep digging.
  5. I do the same thing. It's how I got started. I have seen plenty of needlessly long videos but the bulk of what I know came from Ian Atkinson. He is also chatty but what he says carries substance. His videos are also shot and edited in such a way that makes it a pleasure to watch and easy to learn from. I play it at 1.5x speed though.
  6. Thank you RockyAussie! I took your advice seriously and asked the shop if they had any cylinder walking foot machines. Fortunately he has 2, and my choice is now between the following. Pfaff - $540 Seiko - $750 The shopkeep didn't have the model numbers memorized so he'll get back to me. I looked more into cylinder machines and realized that there is just so much more to learn. Like a light was switched on a dark area on leather work. This definitely helped. Thanks again.
  7. I just went through OP's site and downloaded all of the pattern templates (except holsters). I'm new and they are perfect for much needed practice. Any other sites you guys know about that provide simple to follow instructions like JLSleather?
  8. Hi This is my first post and I'd like to start by saying that this is a great site filled with just so much information. Could anybody help me make a choice here. I'm new to leatherworking and I am on a crash course absorbing as much info on leather as I can. I want to start a small business selling leather bags leather items (wallets, card holders, purses, etc.) I've been trying to find a good sewing machine to buy for weeks but my choices [in my country] are very limited. After reading relevant content on here (Thank you Wiz!) I've narrowed down my choices to the following machines: Juki DU 141 (Used 3 years. refurbished) Juki DNU 241 (Out of stock. My first choice too) Juki 1181 Singer 711C (last choice. Too pricey) Right now I think I will be settling for the Juki DU 141. Any input would be very appreciated.
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