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  1. Nice job, the wood is awesome. I refurbed one a couple months ago, but the wood wasn't near as nice as yours.
  2. Try the Victorian Sweatshop forum. http://www.victoriansweatshop.com/categories
  3. I refurbed my 29-4 a couple years ago and documented it here. Perhaps you will find it helpful. http://www.victoriansweatshop.com/post/singer-294-repair-and-preservation-8144122?highlight=29-4&trail=50
  4. Not much help, but here is my 29-4 made in 1916. Can't really tell how long the original decal was.
  5. Thanks. I was fortunate to spot the rain gauge while wandering around Hobby Lobby with my wife. It came with two hummingbirds, but I only used one. It adds a little whimsey to it :-)
  6. I built this one a couple weeks ago for a Singer 31-15 I refurbished. I had the base and spool platform. I made the rest from a rain gauge I found at Hobby Lobby. It works just fine.
  7. I just tore down my 31-15 for a good cleaning and oiling last week. Here's a photo. Look close in the red circle, you can see the pin that opens the tension discs. You can make one from a nail if you find the right size.
  8. I have this extra 31-15 I don't need. I'm pretty sure its all complete. You can have it for $25 if that will help. I work in Dahlgren and can meet you there if you want it.
  9. I don't know anything about sewing shoes, but these guys did.
  10. I refurbished my 29-4 last year. While I did not replace that spring, I did disassemble the needlebar head and replaced some broken parts. I documented my adventure here. Perhaps it will help. http://www.victoriansweatshop.com/post/singer-294-repair-and-preservation-8144122?highlight=29+4&trail=25
  11. I just got off the phone with Bob Kovar at Toledo. A new servo motor, thread, needles and bobbins will be on their way shortly. Now I need to get going with removing the old motor and controls. Then I want to refinish the table and service the machine. I'm looking forward to a new adventure with this machine! Steve
  12. Looks like a run of the mill, late model model 66. They made a lot of them.
  13. Thanks for the detailed reply. The motors I was looking at all have the dial on the box with a number of settings. I compared the listed specs of at least 4 or 5 of them. They seem to all be the same. I realize buying from a reputable dealer provides a little more peace of mind should something be wrong with it. I'm just surprised how many different brands there are. Are there newer versions for 2017 that offer improvements over those that came out in the last couple of years? I don't need a speed reducer, at least not yet. But the 2" pulley would be preferable.
  14. Back to servo motors.... Is there any real difference in the various brands of 550, 3/4hp servo motors? - Consew, Family Sew and many others that all look the same? Most come with a 3" pulley, some vendors offer a 2" pulley. Is there any other real difference other than name ?
  15. And of course there is the classic "why do the English drink warm beer? Because their refrigerators are made by Lucas!"
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