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  1. What are good sources for leather skiving machines? I'm just starting to investigate, so would also appreciate info on brands and reliability.
  2. Thanks Glenn. What are your thoughts on double needle machines and cylinder arm versus flat bed?
  3. I want to begin sewing leather clothing and bags, in addition to heaving fabric. I've been reading and researching but still unsure of the right machinery. I know I want a walking foot machine with a servo motor, and I think I want a cylinder arm to give me the ability to sew round objects and sleeves, etc. I think a double needle would be helpful, but not sure if it's vital and appears to be difficult to find with a cylinder arm.Also, torn between various brands: Consew, Cobra, Cowboy, Thor and TechSew appear to be good choices. Please share advice on all. Thanks!
  4. I want to begin leatherworking with clothing and bags. I've done a lot of reading, primarily on this site, and it has proven incredibly helpful! I would like to buy a used machine, but they are difficult to find. I spoke with Bob at Toledo today, my first stop, but he doesn't have anything in a used walking foot machine. I checked with a resource in NC that has a Durkopp 291-162061 E2 which they will convert from a 220 volt a new 110 servo motor for $825. This resource is vetted through a close friend, so they should be credible. Any info that anyone can share on this machine would be immense helpful. I was considering a Consew 206RB-5, but would rather get something used and less expensive to start. However, I have also thought about getting a machine with a free arm so that I can have more flexibility and for ease of sewing sleeves. I'm not opposed to buying new, but trying to keep a budget for something that I'm just starting and not sure where I will end up! I encourage advice. Thanks in advance!
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