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  1. Thx! =) Just dye for edges: Orly (Kenda Farben), because it's not vegetable tanned leather.
  2. Simple wallet for my subscriber. Dunno why, but i'm loving this one... U can check my video, but there is no subtitles yet: https://youtu.be/GMJ7mZQO6Ho
  3. Hi! Just a first wallet with holy big button. I'm loving this stud buttons U can enjoy (or maybe not =)) the video process of creation: https://youtu.be/zDug3wHzqpw
  4. Thx for explanation! I hear something about using paraffin in such cases.
  5. Coz it's for biker's girl Sorry for my english, if something goes wrong
  6. Thank you so much for comments! Next order and video soon: business card holder for 200 cards...in process now.
  7. Hello, leatherworkers! I got my first order from friend!!!..i'ts my 4th leather child =) Criticism are welcome! http://cs633831.vk.me/v633831917/3d1f8/Hw_Mwu7zhvo.jpg http://cs633831.vk.me/v633831917/3d1e4/2cMmk_MgQEs.jpg And, as usual, video: https://youtu.be/9pE783F29rA
  8. My last work - CrossFit hand grips Check my channel for HowTo video:
  9. Hello guys! Leather is my hobby (from 2015), and i'm glad to see all of you here! I have my own youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb2WXv7YJ8P3xARnEwWarvA Thx 2 all, truly yours, Anton K. from Russia
  10. Hello, leatherworkers! It's my first leather mini bag...Main idea: prototype of sport bag with round sides...in this variant - cosmetic bag for mom waiting for critique! You can check video on Youtube ( https://youtu.be/_nO9D4BMnUE ) for details and comment about my mistakes in this theme Thanks 2 all !
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