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  1. Thanks Jimi!! i will have a look found this listing on e bay for a similar one :) this collection of screws can also be used as a reference chart
  2. Flabagasterd ...I am sewing and this screw falls out do not have a clue to where it goes!! I did not put many minutes sewing on this machine and finally was sewing for a minute (I had aways found trouble prior)
  3. Ok I switched out a needle guard with a durcop spare that came with machine jeesh probably will be ok now, thanks Cowboy Bob!
  4. However since the needle bar and the needle is a fixed point once adjusted properly the hook now has the rigth high.Are you supposed to be able to move the adjustable arm around just by touching it? See movie above for illustration.
  5. The arm is like free flowing and does not seem to respond to adjustment.. it hits the hook when handwelling or sewing. I myself did not mar the arm looked like that on arrival.did however disassemble the hook manny times and possible was to stupid to realise overlooked something. Should it be lose,? I oiled up the machine it was not free-floating when I got it.My concern is that it hits the hook after a few turns.since it can move freely up and down . Fulcrum only restricts side movement. And adjusting it seems that the arm moves in random and gets waked by hook.
  6. I got lost in tension and am running a #24 singer 135x16 TRI with 207 poly thread in Leather cow hide it worked beautifully.Then I got cheeky and set out to change the lift of my feet, well adjusted it back to factory only to adjust the tension wrong and my current problem is I was thinking that loosening bobbin mention would make top tention able to pull thread up but it's not working. How does one even feel tention the bobbin thread just seemed the same with the screw adjusted all the way in One day I will learn bear with Helena
  7. I just got hung up on thinking it was binding but now formed a brand new theory my bobbin is so worn that it starts skippingunder load . This is why the machine was out of timing and slipping out of timing once I set it. Turns out to be a wild goose chase, I got it timed but can not figure out why it is not pulling the stitches upp from the feed dog.
  8. Since I am guessing,it is the mechanical arm setting. I just can not get to work right.if I set it tight hook gets stuck.s setting to a wide gap it move to stick later, intermittent and overall crappy.
  9. Thanks again I was going crazy not knowing what needles I had.
  10. Thanks Uwe but page18 in manual tells me feed regulating spindle head to 0 then remove throat plate turning machine pulley until you see the lower mark is just visible at the end of the needle bar. If timing is right everything should be in proper position. This is how I had to adjust mine since it was set to low. I got the machine and it just had tree needles in the box with parts they are 38 mm so it is not then the cat 3370 135x16 I need #24 with a leather tip and my eBay order is 30days lost.but now I know perhaps I am sitting on the 24x1 needles that the Britt's want
  11. Been to ismacs and online sources is there a singer book for shops or say factory service men manual that covers exact models like the 153 The manual I got is a bit skimpy -Helena
  12. Granted it is not the right way and with my limited ability I was looking for a shortcut to get going with my machine.my singer 153k103 once I adjusted the needle bar to the right height as defined in the manual the needle I got runs to high for the hook.. I could have the wrong needle Or can it get so worn out (the hook casing itself that it runs low) there was durkopp marked hooks with the machine that slid down perfectly however they do not have the other part that the hook rest on with it and I dare not even try. Should I just lower the needle bar and forgetting it? Assuming it will not hit the foot? Does anyone know the length in mm for the #24 singer needle?135x16 TRI ? In the manual it also states that the mechanical opener will cause a bind if it opens to much however I find it to preform opposite, when adjust it in it binds and the hook will not move if I adjust it out it starts moving. One day I will learn bear with Pulling my hair's out Helena
  13. This is how it looks regardless of my adjusting Here is a movie of my trobles
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