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  1. Hello LC, I have a 29K60. I'm wanting to try 207 in my machine. Have have set your machine up yet? Wiz, What size thread are you running? Thanks guys, Tom
  2. Hello Uwe, Thank you sir for the excellent drawing. Tom
  3. Tom and Floyd, This is what I love about this forum. Going the new route never entered my mind. I do have enough plywood to make a new top and scratch the fill-in method. Thank you both !!!! Tom
  4. This is my first table purchase in hopes of mounting the good 'old Consew 206. This table had a Singer serger installed so the cut out needs to be filled up. My plans are to useseveral layers of 3/4" AC plywood to make an insert to level everything out. The hinges are broken off. Does the insert need to be removable or fixed? This is my first rodeo. I appreciate all the information. Tom
  5. DrmCa, Thank you. I have been looking at those on Ebay. It looks to be a very popular motor. What belt are you running on your servo? My 31-15 is running a leather belt. From the looks of the Family servo pulley the round leather belt may slip Tom
  6. I am wanting to install a servo motor on my Singer 31-15. Can you folks point me to a vendor on this excellent forum that can sell me what I need to get me up and running? Thanks, Tom
  7. Glenn, Thanks for the excellent history lesson on these machines. I appreciate your time. Tom
  8. Uwe, Thank you for the very informative history on these machines. The information your provided on Seiko was very interesting too. I appreciate your time and effort. Tom
  9. Bob, how's my question of where these machines were built versus are currently being manufactured a "big deal". I'm new to this trade and trying to learn about these machines.
  10. Hello all, When did the 206's leave Japanese production and become manufactured in China? Does the silver versus white finish have anything to do with Japanese v. Chinese origin? Thanks, Tom
  11. WOW !!! Very nice work. I love the aluminum sides too. Mortise and tenon. Very nice indeed.
  12. Good morning all, This is my first post to a very information packed forum !!! Leatherworknet ROCKS !!!! I am venturing out into the world of industrial sewing machines and am finding that Singer made commercial/industrial machines with out a reverse. For leather sewing is a reverse absolutely needed? Thanks, Tom
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