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  1. Looking to buy a Baron 852 Porsche logo stamp in good condition
  2. I have a Cowboy CB4500 one of the fancy pinstriped ones that I truly love. But I also love to travel. Now retirement in the near future, I have sold my home and purchased a Motorhome. Hence the issue I am going to need to either trade or sell the 4500 and going with a smaller, probably a hand / manual machine like a Tippman, Weaver, or Cowboy. Or another machine. I do leather work for fun only. Any advice on a small footprint machine that I can take with me in my motorhome?
  3. Hello, Well I was following the advice of the group bought a few tools and started to play with some small projects. My leathercraft education was progressing nicely to this point learning about tools and purchasing some tools. I had decided to start with a guitar strap and get some basic education on leather work locally, good plan right......Well as fate would have it I have to go in for open heart surgery next Wed. which has a recovery time of around 12 weeks. During that time no pounding and such so I guess the projects will have to wait awhile. So my big question and desire for help now becomes can you recommend any good books DVD ect on leathercraft that I can read, study, or watch to help keep the restlessness at bay until I can get back to hands on?
  4. Hello, I am a total newbie looking for someone in the Southeast TN or North Georgia area to spend a little time teaching me to make holsters. This is simply a hobby for me with no desire to turn it into a business. If you are willing to teach on a weekend or close enough for an evening class that would be great. If this is something you are willing to do please let me know a time and price and we will see what we can workout. Thanks, Dennis dennis_hutcheson (at) comcast (dot)net
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