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  1. Tried it with one swipe and you were right. Very little darkening
  2. Thanks again Colt! I read Bob's article. Looks like I been casing wrong, ie with a sponge and over and over, and I do lose some definition in my tooling. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions! Much appreciated I have 100% Neatsfoot Oil and Prime Neatsfoot Oil compound from Fiebing's. Preference? Also does this tend to darken the leather quite a bit or am I using way too much?
  3. Thank You very much Colt! I have done a few contrasting stains and like you they bleed a little and like you also said, no going back. I will find some acrylics and give them a try. Here is a wallet I did with different color stains. Its OK..... First wallet attempt. Not very proud of it. But some of my friends really like it.
  4. Wanting to delve into the world of painting or staining our tooled leather work. Any and all suggestions appreciated!
  5. I Pad sleeve my Wife Heather just finished up a couple weeks ago.
  6. Picture of some fly fishing gear I made for myself and use heavily!
  7. Hello, My wife and I have been doing some leather work for about a year and half. Felt like I was to the point where we needed some advice. Will post more pics as I get them downloaded to the computer. Here is a bushcraft knife sheath I just finished. First attempt at a knife sheath. Looking forward to becoming part of the community! Thanks. Lee
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