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  1. Had my first real go at doing a little carving for a client. The client found my business page through FB and decided to get her Partner a Tobacco Pouch for her birthday. This is the results. Her Partner loved it, and I thought I done an ok job for my first time carving anything. I used 2mm Veg Tan for the outer, and Veg Kangaroo for the papers holder. Dark Brown Antique dye and Seal 'N'Shine from Maclace and Oakwoods Conditioner to finish it off. A few things I would change next time (Getting a Lettering Craftaid next time). The Client wanted a rustic look. All in all, It came out all right.
  2. AussieMade

    Wheelchair Mitt

    Yeah very tough to buckle up and loosen. Changing to single rectangular d-ring and press studs on the next ones for him. The support was perfect. He was thinking of taking it shorter by about 10mm but it would have lost the support he needed.
  3. AussieMade

    Wheelchair Mitt

    I am going to use a single rectangular D-ring and use press snaps for the next one. I have modified my design and about to make the changes to his one, but keep the same buckles though for the first one. Yeah black dye is a nightmare with me. I end up with it everywhere. (I dont like wearing gloves). He didn't want velcro anymore on these ones, that is what he had previously. I did suggest the permanent loop, but he wanted the strap.
  4. AussieMade

    Wheelchair Mitt

    Hey all, finished the mitt today. the customer loves it. we ended up using Neoprene rubber for grip on the outer palm side as this is what he wanted. Came out really nice, fits really well. But needs a little trimming where his left pinky and ring finger are as his fingers are permanently bent end up sitting just inside the leather and uncomfortable for him. He now wants another 3 made, but I am going to be making a few mods to help make it easier for him to put on and off as the twin d-rings are a bit hard to do up and undo. Two pics are with my hand in it before I done the stitching.
  5. AussieMade

    Wheelchair Mitt

    I like the sound of the Poron. It looks to be a pain to get here in Australia. But have found an Orthopedic Medium density supplier whom I have just registered with so I can find out the price. It comes in 3.2mm thickness, Hopefully it wont be too think in the end. But they do have heaps of other options available as well. It will be used for both support in his wrist and palm protection. Thanks
  6. AussieMade

    Wheelchair Mitt

    Hey all. I have been asked to make a wheelchair mitt for a quadriplegic. I have attached a drawing of what he wants, but what is best to make it out of? He has no movement in his wrists so needs to be firm yet comfortable to wear while he is pushing his wheelchair. I was thinking 1.5-2mm bovine lined with neoprene and covered with kangaroo. The Neoprene to allow for shock absorption and the kangaroo over top of the neoprene to stop any wear on the neoprene. This is what he based his design from. He also needs it to be easily fitted by himself with his other hand which also lacks much movement. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am going to get some stuff to make a mock up and see how it looks tomorrow. Thanks.
  7. AussieMade

    Greetings from Australia

    Welcome fellow Aussie. There are a few Aussies that frequent this forum. Not sure how many over your way though, But a few here in QLD. Good luck with Etsy. Been debating about whether to finally get mine going or not. Damien.
  8. This is what the leather colour started off as before colouring
  9. Thanks, the colouring came out really nice, better than I had expected it to. It was actually an accident, I was trying to darken the whole piece of leather lol. I think the rubbing shouldn't be too bad, and yeah could really add to the used look. Never thought of the leather being to small on the d-rings, that was as per plan, will definitely look into widening next time though.
  10. Thanks, we are already having a bit of rubbing on the shoulder strap. We have found the measurements to be slightly off the 25mm for the buckles, so going to shave a slight bit off and recolour the edge. But for the lower part where the hardware rubs the top flap, the edge is solid so shouldn't rub off too much I hope.
  11. We finally finished our take on Tboyce's (Tom Boyce) Medium Messenger Bag pattern he gratefully shared in the patterns section of this forum. This is a present for mum who has only seen a few pics from when we first started putting the basic parts together, and to really tease her we have not told her about any of the snake skin (she is a snake lover). and have also changed the design on a few things since we started. The bag is a nice piece of 3mm full grain light brown upholstery leather dyed over with Dark Brown stain and the straps are 3mm Aussie Full Grain Veg Tan Bovine Leather also dark brown stained to match. The buckles are Antique Brass and the swivel snaps are solid brass. The inlays are 100% Snake Skin Leather. The inner pouch is Veg Tanned Kangaroo. The whole bag is all hand stitched between my partner and myself (mostly my partner). We have learnt so much making this bag and I can't wait till we get to make another, but with a few changes. I hope you all enjoy looking as much as we have enjoyed making it. Any Comments and criticism is welcome, as we are still learning and want to know where we can fix things for next time. Cheers Damien
  12. Thanks. Can't wait to see what my mum thinks of it. She has only seen a few starting pictures, And the design has changed a bit since then.
  13. Next update: Handle is stitched in place all buckles are attached and front snake section is stitched and completed. We still need to stitch the front on, but are waiting on a couple of swivel snaps to attach the shoulder strap so it can be removed if required, then we can stitch the D-shields in. All D's and buckles are brass with gold rivets (only 10mm long rivets we had in stock) The gem on the front is a glass Gemini Constellation Cabochon for my mum. Hopefully we can have it finished by the weekend again so I can post the final pics . Any feedback is recommended.
  14. The handle is pretty solid so shouldn't wear much at all. I have twisted and bent the handle different ways, and it is holding up well, the snake has also been laid so as the scales are left to right so will bend with the handle. It still needs to be stitched in and a backing put on as well. Thankfully it is a gift for my mum, so if it does wear to much I can fix it for her. Will keep the pics coming for sure