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  1. They did for sure. Trying to figure out what to do with them next time. Probably something a little quicker I think. I was doing it in groups of 6 kids. ( I had a helper that day as well as my daughter who knew how to make them) But we were still averaging 5-6 kids per hour. so it was a very long day.
  2. Thanks. It was most definitely worth it for me to see their faces when they said they couldn't do it, but got it in the end. Some kids took a little longer than others, but time isn't everything.
  3. Thanks. My third time now, Last time I made some cuff band with them, I still see some of them around s well, that's been near two years since I done that one with them. The first time I made some little coin purses with them. I would love to go back, I donated all the tools and leather to them as well. I have never asked for any payment from the child care service. If the children are having fun and learning a lost trade that's all that matters. I will be more than happy to go back and do a few more days with them. For sure. It has been some of the best learning experiences for me as well.
  4. Back in the 20/21 December/January Holidays, I was honored to be asked to come back to one of our local Primary School Aged Child Care Centres (7-12yo) which my children attend to do some leather work with them. I found out that they were having a medieval theme day so I instantly thought of getting them to make the Mini Dragon Head from Dieselpunk.ro. With permission from Tony to use his pattern. I started to mark out, punch (0.8mm individual hole punch) and cut out all the pieces required from a bag of mixed scrap kangaroo leathers. Now to put this into perspective..... We had a total of 55 students in the program that day with about around 35 taking part. I cut out aprox 70 sets with varying colours and textures with a total of about 4185 individual holes punched taking many, many hours and very sore hands to complete. In the end it was worth it. All the kids had to do was chose their leather and stitch the pieces together using saddle stitch. I was amazed how fast some of the kids tool to stitching using two needles, although some had troubles most were amazing. Have a look at the job these kids done. I still see some hanging off bags around the school and child care facility. The second pic is all the cut and hole punched sets Hopefully I have sparked interest in some of these kids to eventually learn leathercraft.
  5. Expert is definitely not the right word to use. Highly experienced is probably what most of the best of the best are (not me). As someone said above, there is only a few in the leathercraft world that most would call absolute Experts in this lost trade. I have been dabbling for a few yrs, my recommendation would be to practice hand stitching first. Nothing wrong with belts, collars wallets etc. although wallets can be very finicky to get just right. If you make a belt, hand stitch the entire belt, this will give you the skills to stitch in a straight line, always use a stitching chisels and wing dividers or edge groover to get the spacing the same from the edge of the leather piece and always sew consistently with regards to tension of pulled thread and which way you put your needles through the leather. Also use a edge beveller and burnish your edges. That is my suggestions, but everyone is different so you will get lots of advice. Take mine and every one elses advice and see what works for you. Good luck and welcome to the group
  6. All good on the hardware thanks Brian. The hole punches aren't too bad afterwards. I haven't really used the stingray much yet, that's the first project I have really used it on other than a key ring. I was given some offcuts and thought this was the perfect one to use it on. I used snake on her last bag.
  7. How are you Brian. Might try to head your way again once all this Covid stuff is over. Needing another holiday badly. Im after some brass hardware. 2x 25mm Solid brass trigger swivel snaps, and a brass buckle to match her previous bag I made. And yep that is stingray. Not the most fun leather I have worked with, that stuff is hard to cut. I ended up using Tin Snips then my leather shears to tidy the edges a bit.
  8. Thanks. the pattern is a modified Dieselpunk.ro pattern
  9. Haven't posted for a while, so I thought I would share what I have made recently. First up, is a few coin purses for my neices. and secondly is a nice bag for my mum for mothers day. Unfortunately Im waiting on hardware to arrive to finish the bag so I can send it off.
  10. And as for the leather used, it looks like Veg tanned Bovine of around 1.5-2mm in thickness.
  11. Hey Leathermann00b. As a fellow Brisbane based leather crafter welcome to the group. There are some awesome leather suppliers in Brisbane. Unfortunately they are only open to internet or phone orders and not walk ins until this Covid stuff is over. My favorite suppliers are: - Eastcoast Leather at Mt Cotton ( Trev is an awesome guy). They do run a few workshops through out the year. And they have one of the best range of leather in Brisbane - Maclace Leather at Capalaba. Huge range of tools, dyes, kits, and leather. - Crispins Leather at Wooloowin. Also have a huge range of tools and supplies. Limited on the leather but they do have some. - Lastly Packer Leather at Narangba. Heaps of Kangaroo leather in stock all the time. And also some cheaper hides to buy. Nothing wrong with cheaper hides, except they have a few marks and stretch lines etc. But I like that finish on some products. Where abouts in Brisbane are you located? Send me a PM if you like. Cheers Damien
  12. I have just been up to visit Brian at his awesome workshop this week. And I have to say the quality of workmanship that goes into these is second to none. Brian has peaked my interest and motivation 10 fold. Thanks Brian
  13. Thanks. I seem to get different jobs all the time. Keeps me thinking thats for sure Thanks.
  14. An update on the Mitt for this customer. It is still in use and has been around the world, and with him living in the Philippines for a while, has lasted during severe storms they have endured while living there. Still looks brand new, and gets used every day.
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