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  1. Where did Black River Laser go? I'm specifically looking for their acrylic rifle sling template.
  2. Does anyone have a digital version of a user's manual for a CB3200 that they could email me, please? I believe I have a copy on my office computer, but I haven't been into the office since March of last year due to COVID.
  3. Can anyone tell me what the feed dog height above the plate should be, please? I can't find my user's manual at the moment. Also, does anyone know where I can download a copy of the user's manual? Solar Leather, which is now out of business, used to have a download but I can't find one anywhere at the moment.
  4. I just came across this post wow searching for bevelers. This is as good as it gets, folks. Excellent work JL.
  5. I'm loving the stitch quality of my new Juki 1541. Does anyone know if an open-toe presser foot is available for it, or if using one is even feasible? I'm used to seeing exactly where the needle pierces the leather on my CB3200, which is particularly useful when approaching 90-degree corners.
  6. Thanks for the referral, Wiz. I have found a 9 month old Juki 1541S for sale locally for $1,300 including table, servo motor and speed reducer, and gobs of thread and bobbins that I have agreed to go pick up tomorrow morning. The Juki 1541 should work well for what I'm wanting, right?
  7. Thanks to all of you for such thorough and insightful responses. It has really helped me understand things and decide that I do indeed a lighter-weight but compound feed machine. Now, what machine would that be? Any suggestions?
  8. I already have a CB3200. I'm looking for something to sew lighter materials such as wallets and canvas bags. I just don't know if I need a compound feed walking foot machine or not.
  9. Why is a compound feed walking foot machine typically specified for leather work, even including lighter-weight leathers? In other words, at what point does a regular drop feed machine like a Singer 15 become inappropriate for leather?
  10. I already have a CB3200 to handle my heavy stuff and I'm looking for a machine to handle 2-4 oz. leather and waxed canvas. Any recommendations?
  11. I was about to close a deal locally on a Juki 1541S with servo motor, but the gal changed her mind and I'm on the look again for a similar duty machine. What would be an equivalent machine for me to keep my eye open for?
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