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  1. This may be of help. I really like the one I have, it would be fine for wallets and clutches. Not sure about spare parts being available so check it before buying it. Johnny
  2. hugocrafts I have a 145 with H4 lift, the machines are very similar.
  3. hugocrafts Have a look on page 3, I found it very useful when working on mine. 145-545 Setup.pdf
  4. From a Parts manual I found, N = 6.0mm Stitch length Manuals to big to attach, its 3.38mb. Johnny
  5. Not sure about the 6 being stitch length but I have a couple manuals and I will look to see if there's any addition information. I sew leather with mine, not sure about fabric. Johnny
  6. I have a machine very similar to that and it sews great, here is some info I probably copied from here. P = Four motion drop feed C = Medium materials H4 = High lift 14mm L = Leather M = Safety Clutch N = Stitch Length ? Not sure about the availability of parts I have not needed any, small bobbin but Its not a issue for me. Johnny
  7. BdB I have purchased small spools from here www.thethreadexchange.com and a great source for needles also. Johnny
  8. I have a Pfaff 145 and bought a set of feet from eBay and ground them off smooth, I have not found a really good selection of feet for these machines. I guess this worked for me and I stopped looking if there are other options I would like to know also. I left the feed dog and needle plate alone. Johnny
  9. I use room temperature water and currently let my holsters air dry over night, sometimes in front of a fan no heat. I like the drying cabinet idea, does it help the holster maintain its shape better? Thanks Johnny
  10. Johnny


    I have bought lots of items from them over the past couple years and never had any problems, I would recommend them. Johnny
  11. I am a Cowboy Action Shooter and have made several rigs for fellow shooters, the suede lining seems to keep the belt from sliding down. I think this might be a personal choice thing either works and I agree with rickybobby the double layer, glue & stitching is stronger and more durable. My 2 cents..... Johnny
  12. I purchased a Cowboy 4500 earlier this year and I am very happy with my machine, shipping was the deciding factor for me (I kinda also favored the White Color). Price was very close between the 2 machines by the time I added extra thread, needles bobbins, feet and holster plate. You couldn't go wrong with either of the two machines and both companies have great support. Johnny
  13. I started doing leather out of necessity (needed a custom holster) but soon found that I enjoyed it also. I bought my first machine a little over a year ago my hands just couldn't take it any more, I found a used PFAFF 145 H4 for sale locally. I have since purchased a Cowboy 4500 and could not be happier, I make and sale more then enough leather goods each month to pay for it and I have become the local go to guy for repairs also. So Yes, I say Buy one! I would read through this post, this guy knows sewing machines and saved me a lot of money and headache's, I am glad to have found it before purchasing any sewing machine. Johnny
  14. I found what I needed on eBay, Johnny
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