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  1. From a Parts manual I found, N = 6.0mm Stitch length Manuals to big to attach, its 3.38mb. Johnny
  2. Not sure about the 6 being stitch length but I have a couple manuals and I will look to see if there's any addition information. I sew leather with mine, not sure about fabric. Johnny
  3. I have a machine very similar to that and it sews great, here is some info I probably copied from here. P = Four motion drop feed C = Medium materials H4 = High lift 14mm L = Leather M = Safety Clutch N = Stitch Length ? Not sure about the availability of parts I have not needed any, small bobbin but Its not a issue for me. Johnny
  4. BdB I have purchased small spools from here www.thethreadexchange.com and a great source for needles also. Johnny
  5. I have a Pfaff 145 and bought a set of feet from eBay and ground them off smooth, I have not found a really good selection of feet for these machines. I guess this worked for me and I stopped looking if there are other options I would like to know also. I left the feed dog and needle plate alone. Johnny
  6. I use room temperature water and currently let my holsters air dry over night, sometimes in front of a fan no heat. I like the drying cabinet idea, does it help the holster maintain its shape better? Thanks Johnny
  7. Johnny


    I have bought lots of items from them over the past couple years and never had any problems, I would recommend them. Johnny
  8. I am a Cowboy Action Shooter and have made several rigs for fellow shooters, the suede lining seems to keep the belt from sliding down. I think this might be a personal choice thing either works and I agree with rickybobby the double layer, glue & stitching is stronger and more durable. My 2 cents..... Johnny
  9. I purchased a Cowboy 4500 earlier this year and I am very happy with my machine, shipping was the deciding factor for me (I kinda also favored the White Color). Price was very close between the 2 machines by the time I added extra thread, needles bobbins, feet and holster plate. You couldn't go wrong with either of the two machines and both companies have great support. Johnny
  10. I started doing leather out of necessity (needed a custom holster) but soon found that I enjoyed it also. I bought my first machine a little over a year ago my hands just couldn't take it any more, I found a used PFAFF 145 H4 for sale locally. I have since purchased a Cowboy 4500 and could not be happier, I make and sale more then enough leather goods each month to pay for it and I have become the local go to guy for repairs also. So Yes, I say Buy one! I would read through this post, this guy knows sewing machines and saved me a lot of money and headache's, I am glad to have found it before purchasing any sewing machine. Johnny
  11. I found what I needed on eBay, Johnny
  12. I have been using Atom Wax and like the sheen it has, its not water proof. My next set I am going to try Resolene 50/50 mix, I have used it straight before in the past but never 50/50. Nice Holster...
  13. I have made and dyed a holster Dark Brown using Fiebing's Pro Dye and let it set 2 days, I have wiped off the dye residue with clean rag. Its 2 layers 6/7oz Veg Tan, I am planning on sewing it using white Polyester thread and wet forming it, finishing it with Atom Wax. Looking for any advice on keeping the Dye from bleeding into the White Thread? My next steps would be to Sew the along the edge. Wet holster just enough to get it to fold to glue and sew along the welt. Wet Mold with Blue Gun. Once Dry finish with Atom Wax. Thanks
  14. Congratulations on you purchase! I am also a rookie when it comes to sewing machines and was totally confused on thread/needle size's. I ran across this resource here on the forum and I highly recommend them www.thethreadexchange.com I have purchased all of my needles and thread from them. I ordered needles in the sizes that my machine would work with and small spools of thread sizes I would use and experimented with different combinations until I found what worked for me. I sewed lots of scrap pieces until I was comfortable before sewing my project. I purchased a couple different sets of presser feet from eBay and ground the bottoms smooth and reshaped them until I was happy. Johnny
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