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  1. Hey guys im about to get into leather crafting. I am waiting for all my supplies in the mail! My first question is what is the usual distance you use from the edge for your edge groover? My second question, which im sure will probably sound ridiculous to some of you, is when measuring the leather to cut for a project, how much extra leather do you sually cut on the sides to account for the space taken up by the stitching. For example, say i want to make a slipcover for a 5 in by 5 in square with a negligible thickness and my edge groover is set to 1/8 inch...would i just add 1/8 inch to each side of my measurement so that im cutting a piece that is 5.25 x 5.25 in ? Now say the thickness of the object is 1 inch, would i now add that to each side measurement as well to allow it to fit? i.e 7.25 x 7.25 Sorry Im sure i made this way more complicated than it should be, I tend to overthing things.
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