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  1. Good afternoon! I'm hoping to find any books/VHS/DVD on horsehair hitching and braiding. I know many have tried it and decided it wasn't for them. So I am asking you to check those shelves , brush off some cobwebs, and if you are willing to part (dust and all) to drop me a PM with information. I have the Christensen, and Guide to Hitchen (part 1), but there are a few old old small chaplet books and guides, even some Videos I can find references to but can't locate in the normal shopping channels. I posted here since I figure the ones that help are willing to help....someone has to have them sitting around right? Thank you Most appreciated!!
  2. Where did you get your bridle measurements please? Looking to start a bridle but can't find detailed instructions.  You don't have Clay's book for sale do you?


  3. Where did you find the instructions (size/lengths) for a bridle please?
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