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  1. I am looking for some advice. I have been fortunate to have come upon an estate sale where I picked up approximately 300 or so stamps, everything from a tiny seeder stamp to a 1.5" Harley Davidson stamp. They were left in an open shop for some time where I'm guessing it was a little damp and they have all accumulated some surface rust. I have been able to remove a majority of the rust on a couple tools with a thin wire brush (the kind used for gun cleaning). It is slow going but seems to be effective. So I have 2 questions... 1- Is there a quicker or more proper way to safely (least damage to the tools as possible, not health safety) clean all these tools? And 2- Once clean, is there a way to protect and maintain your tools so this is less likely to occur again? As in, are there coatings made to protect leather stamping tools or anything you guys like to use. I realize keeping them in a dry place and using them daily would work, but this is still a hobby for me and my "shop" strangely resembles a garden shed... Thank you all in advance.
  2. Wow. I wish i had half that talent in my spare time. Nicely done
  3. I will try that. Thank you
  4. So my wife has stored her horse tack in the shed outside that is getting more moisture than we thought. A lot of her gear has this white mildew that I want to clean off before it gets worse. What would you guys use to fix this and other than move the gear inside the house, are there any products that could help prevent this in the future? The leather was in good shape, conditioned, and relatively new. Thanks in advance. -Mike
  5. I totally agree, it felt weird putting it on that way. Fortunately the clasp is tight, but it just looks wrong. But putting it on the other way wasn't working because the swivel clasp had to go over the catch and then rotate in. If the clasp was on the Bible, it could not go over the strap unless moved to the very edge... And that looked worse. But I totally agree with you
  6. I had this special request to make a Bible cover for a Christmas present. I've never made one before but I think it turned out okay. I learned a lot and know how to make the next one better. Thanks to this forum, I dug up some really good tips. Let me know what you all think. -Mike I turned the pen as well.
  7. That is some fine stitching! Great work! Very clean looking style
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