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  1. Hi Brian , Yes I got some a couple years ago when I first got my machine ,but thank you for the heads up I might get a couple more packs just to be safe
  2. I am lucky enough to also have one of these machines they make a beautiful stitch when working
  3. I had this problem and its easy to do Make sure you arent unintensionally pressing your knee against the lifter as it will do just that if the slightest touch there.I know cause I did .otherwise like others said tension check till right
  4. Hi there under all that motorised framework should be a bronze coloured tag with what model it is e.g 29 - 4 or 29k ?? I have 2 x 29k58 and a 29 k 71 and most parts are interchangeable from what I have noticed ,but if you fix one part generally other parts attached will also need replacing e.g I replaced needle bar and had to also get new piston joint and feet to fit new needle bar as they are just slightly fatter or differt attachment threads (pistion joint ).Awesome wee machines they are though I would take motor away ,they tend to wear out quicker .
  5. I have 4 of these which 3 are restored and parts I got were out of UK https://www.sew-europe.co.uk/ found them easy to deal with unless something serious is broken most parts are avaiable.The 3 I have restored all had tension issues which when I pulled the head apart the needle bar tension spring had broken a real easy fix.
  6. Hello I know I am late to the party but I have an Adler 20 -2 in perfect running order that I use ,have you guys got yours running yet?
  7. How are you getting on with this ? I too had just found and bought one around the same time as you posted this ,Have today just come back in to find instructions and manual too lol ain't the internet great
  8. Thank you so much for your time much apprietiated
  9. WOW I too am inpressed with your tools and you leatherwork might have to give it a go too
  10. yeah I know but you never can tell lol
  11. hello any pictures yet?
  12. Yes a leather stitcher I have one also
  13. I have just purchased a machine like in original post at top . Any one have a close up of how to thread Can you photograph threading
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