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  1. I noticed the same thing, not much wobble but a little jumping on the edges. Bought this set off ebay and it's the best I've found. I went back and bought another set, I liked it so much. Charlie
  2. clc

    Cool way to sharpen bevelers!

    I do the same as hwinbermuda, but I also use the string with rouge to remove the burr from the inside. Just pull through the top after finishing stropping the bottom.
  3. clc

    Frog-How To?

    Dave, I'll give the glue and tacks a try. And also may try the notch tip. Thanks for the tips, I appreciate them . Charlie
  4. clc

    Frog-How To?

    Hi, been lurking a long time and learn a lot from you guys. I have a problem, how to attach a frog after sewing up the sheath. Just want a band around the top to hold a concho. Here is a pic of what I have so far. Any ideas on how to secure the strip of leather to the sheath? first pic is what I have to put on the sheath. The second pic is the how I want it on the sheath and a pic of the back. Thanks in advance, Charlie