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  1. I want to make a bible cover /case to protect my bible , Just a simple book cover with a zipper , handle and a few pockets on the inside and a sleeve or something of the sort to secure my bible on one side where it would move about . Dimensions of the book are as follows 6.25 x 1.5 x 8.75 inches. But I'd like it big enough to be able to fit the bible along with a note pad possibly and a pen or two . So would anyone have any tips or patterns of the sort to give before starting the project ?
  2. I am talking about the whole project . But if the pattern for the project is in the books I'll go ahead and check it out.
  3. Would you be willing to share your template for this ?
  4. I'dI'd like to recreate this bag . the design of our lady of Guadalupe I'm creating on a piece of veg tan and then I'll cut it out to make it into a patch to sew on . but what leather would be best for the body of the bag ? That leather looks quite soft in the pictures something around deerskin I'm assuming? I havent worked with any soft leather as of yet so i wasnt sure if its best to make the body of the bag with a veg tan instead. I want this to be quite durable I'll be making a detachable strap for it as well . I know I can use deerskin strips or other varieties of leather for the bits that hang down like fringe but should I punch holes for those along the sides ? Also if I decide to go with the green colored body of the bag what's the best way to do it ? I know this is a lot of questions but any tips would be helpful . thank you !
  5. Yes thank you , I'm going to invest in an oblong punch soon I just haven't gotten the chance to order one .
  6. So I seen this style tooling pattern and used it on this guitar strap I did recently . but I wanted to find out if anyone knew the name of this style or what it is ? Ps I apologize if I submitted this in the wrong topic area .
  7. Thank you for all the information guys I really appreciate it !! And yes I know it sounds a bit far fetched for a 1 month old (a family member asked if I could do it for them) and I'll do anything for family . I'm definitely going to be scratching the name on the back for initals on the end tab of the belt instead . But all the tips and info are going to be put to good use ! Fingers crossed this belt comes out well ! And I do the measurements correctly for a nice fit . Thanks again!!
  8. I'm fairly new to leather craft only been doing this for a year ( I'm still learning so forgive me if I'm not up to speed with everything especially with making belts there still a challenge for me ). I want to make a child's belt for a family member . the baby is only a month old. I'm going to be making the belt using a belt blank . But the areas I need help with mostly are the sizing measurements as I'd like it to fit him for a bit as he grows . but also finding the center of the belt for stamping his name . and any other bits of info you all think would be helpful! Any tips would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you .
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